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Written with divine inspiration by ChandraShekhar Karwa

SYNOPSIS: Apart from attaining GOD, we do everything after taking birth as human but we miss the purpose for which we have got human birth. READ THE FULL ARTICLE BELOW -

Before we get human birth, we have to wander in 8.4 million species. In these species, we have to become aquatic, terrestrial, aerial and flora. That is, we have to become creatures living in water, creatures that walk on land, creatures that fly in the sky and trees, creepers and plants.

We have to wander in 2 million species of trees, 0.9 million species of aquatic animals, 1.1 million species of insects and moths, 1 million species of birds and 3.4 million species of animals, i.e. altogether 8.4 million species. In this way, after wandering in these 8.4 million species, GOD bestows his mercy and gives us very rare human birth.

A very long time passes by wandering like this. It takes 45 million years to wander in all these 8.4 million species. Thus the average time of one species comes to 5.35 years. This is because, in some species of insects, the life is only of one day whereas the life of trees is of several hundred years.

In this way, after waiting for 45 million years, a very rare human life is obtained by the grace of GOD. On getting such a rare life, if we waste it in eating, drinking, enjoying, sleeping, copulation, raising family, doing business and doing worldly activities, then we have to be deprived of the main purpose of that rare life which is to attain GOD. Then again we have to take a round of 45 million years and wait for getting human life again.

For attaining GOD, there is only human species, all other species are enjoyment species in which attainment of GOD is not possible. The Scriptures, saints and devotees have therefore warned us to avoid wasting human birth in vain. But we ignore that warning by falling into the trap of illusion. What a great misfortune we have that our attention does not go towards the goal of attaining GOD.

Therefore, it is wise that human life should be engaged for the devotion of GOD and the goal of human life should be made only to attain GOD. We should firmly convince our mind that we should not accept anything less than attaining GOD after getting this human life. We should explain to the mind that we have to attain GOD in this very birth and reserve our place in the Divine Lotus Feet of GOD.

If by undertaking devotion in this very birth we attain GOD and become free from the movement of the world, then we will be saved forever from being born in 8.4 million species and 45 million years of labor. If we are not able to do this, then not once but again and again we will have to travel in 8.4 million species and wait for 45 million years.

Therefore, in human life, it is best to attain GOD by undertaking devotion of GOD. Anyway, we have got human life only for attaining GOD. Therefore, we should not miss our goal and must attain GOD in human life.

English Translation done with GOD's inspiration by Sheelnidhi Gupta