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Written with divine inspiration by ChandraShekhar Karwa

SYNOPSIS: We should think about what outcome we want after death and behave accordingly in our life. If we fail to do this then our human life will go in vain. READ THE FULL ARTICLE BELOW -

What outcome we want after death is in our hands. GOD has given us complete freedom to determine our life after death by the undertakings done in our human life. Unfortunately, we live our human life with pleasure but our attention does not go towards what will happen to us after death.

After death, we will have to take birth again in 8.4 million species and we have to become animals, birds, aquatics or flora, it is in our hands. We have to go to hell after death, that is also in our hands. We have to go to heaven after death, that is also in our hands. The most important thing is that we have to reach the Divine Lotus Feet of GOD after being freed from the world cycle, this is also in our hands.

We should live our life only by first determining the goal of what should happen to us after death. But we are not even wise enough to do this. We keep as much discretion so as to earn wealth for old age but after old age, what will be our outcome after death, we do not pay attention to that.

If we want to be born again in 8.4 million species, then we should do a lot of worldliness, should enjoy a lot, should collect a lot, should have a lot of fun in life. If we want to go to heaven, then we should do a lot of charity, but even after going to heaven, we will be sent back to this world after we enjoy our virtues. If we want to go to hell, then we should not refrain from doing immorality, untruth, violence and other misdeeds, due to which we will have to travel to hell to suffer sin.

But if we want to get rid of the worldly cycle, to be free from coming back to the world and to make this birth our last birth, then we have to undertake the devotion of GOD. If our determination is like this, then we have to immediately renounce unnecessary worldliness. We have to stay away from getting indulge in deeds and collections of subject. We have to avoid wrong deeds like immorality, untruth, violence and misconduct. We have to spend the remaining time in the devotion of GOD after doing the moral actions inherent to our living.

By doing a lot of worldliness, we waste a large part of our lives in vain. Even after doing a lot of worldliness successfully, we will not be remembered and will be forgotten after three to four generations. We will not enjoy the pleasures but the pleasures will enjoy us and make us tired. A lifetime collection will be of no use to us in the end.

Therefore, one should devote his life to working for the goal of our human life which is the attainment of GOD and should undertake devotion of GOD which is the best means of attaining GOD.

English Translation done with GOD's inspiration by Sheelnidhi Gupta