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Written with divine inspiration by ChandraShekhar Karwa

SYNOPSIS: It is the nature of man to seek and he also seeks from GOD. But those who become spiritually awakened, do not seek the world from GOD but seek GOD Himself, which is the highest demand. READ THE FULL ARTICLE BELOW -

We can seek GOD from GOD and we should do the same after taking human birth. Devotion teaches us to do the same thing that GOD should be sought from GOD. This is the biggest achievement of life. There is nothing greater to be gained than this after getting human life.

But see our foolishness that we ask GOD for wealth, property, car, bungalow, son, and grandson. Our demands are worldly and their list is very long. GOD feels that we have asked everything except Him, so GOD gives it gladly. But this demand is the same as we dived into Samudradevji (ocean) to fetch pearls and returned with pebbles.

Even after getting the worldly pebbles, we become happy that we have made our human life meaningful. We have wealth, property, line of vehicles, factory or big business, sons and grandsons and by having all these we feel complete. But the Scriptures and saints say that even after getting all such things, we have failed in our human life if we have not attained GOD in it.

We have got this human life only for attaining GOD. This is clearly mentioned in all the Holy Scriptures. Even if we have achieved everything other than GOD by making efforts throughout our life, even then it is not going to be of any use to us after death. Leaving aside the matter of death, even if we fall seriously ill during our lifetime, then our wealth, property, car, bungalow, son and grandson will not be of any use because no one can give us even an extra breath.

Therefore, after earning as much money as required for living, we should earn devotion so that we can find our place in the Divine Lotus Feet of GOD. Devotion is the pearl of the worldly ocean, to attain which, we have been born in human form.

If we have earned anything less than devotion after getting a human body, then it is not a profitable but a loss deal. Devotion improves our present world and also improves the afterworld. Devotion makes us get the compassion of GOD and the grace of GOD. We consider wealth, property, car, bungalow, son, grandson as GOD's grace but it is a very simple grace of GOD. The true and best grace is given by GOD when bestowing His love, He gives us a place in His Divine Lotus Feet forever and frees us from the movement of the world.

Therefore, in life do not seek the world from GOD, seek GOD's devotion from GOD, GOD's love and seek the contiguity of GOD. Devotees and saints have sought this from GOD and got the same and thus have made their human life successful.

English Translation done by Sheelnidhi Gupta