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Written with divine inspiration by ChandraShekhar Karwa

SYNOPSIS: Coming into the world and getting entangled in worldliness in vain we waste our precious human life without giving time to GOD and without undertaking devotion of GOD. READ FULL ARTICLE BELOW -

We do not get anything in the end when we spend more time of life in worldliness. Therefore, worldliness should be kept very limited in life and attaining GOD should be made the goal of life.

The worldliness of the world takes so long that only a limited time in life remains for GOD. Therefore, the worldliness should be kept so minimal that more and more time is available for GOD.

Today, who remembers the ample worldliness of our grandfather's grandfather three to four generations ago ? Grandfather also left and those with whom he kept worldliness have also left. Today in which species grandfather is we do not know but if he would have kept limited worldliness and greatly undertaken devotion of GOD he would for sure be in the abode of GOD.

It is the rule of the world that if you keep worldliness and take part in the marriage of someone’s son or daughter, he would also reciprocate by attending your son or daughter’s marriage. The world is a tit for tat. If you do not go to two weddings of a relative, then he will also make excuses on being invited and will not come. If we miss dealing with the world, then the world will not treat us.

But this does not happen in the house of GOD. We do not know in how many species, in how many lives we have not kept relation with GOD, still gracious GOD ignores everything and runs to answer in one call. GOD never sees this account before coming, how much this creature has loved me or has undertaken my devotion. GOD has all the calculations available to Him but ignores all and runs on our call. This is the infinite compassion of GOD, which has always been there and which will always be there.

We have got this human life after wandering in 8.4 million species. Also in this human life, we have got a short duration. Even in it most of the time we devote in vain towards worldly pursuits or in worldliness and we are not able to derive any benefit from this precious human birth.

Those who are worldly are forgotten after one or two generations in the world and we too will be forgotten by the world. Secondly, we will have to travel again in 8.4 million species. But who loves GOD and undertakes devotion of GOD becomes immortal for ages. His story is written in Scriptures like Shri Bhaktamalji, to which GOD also listens with great pleasure. GOD provides salvation to those who love GOD and undertakes devotion of GOD and he permanently reaches the Divine Lotus Feet of GOD.

Therefore, very simple worldliness should be kept with the world, so that we can dedicate more and more time of our life to the devotion of GOD. This is the path of the welfare of the creature and the path of salvation too.

English Translation vetted by Hitesh Sharma