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Written with divine inspiration by ChandraShekhar Karwa

SYNOPSIS: In human life, even if no sin is committed and noble deeds are performed, we do not get freedom from the worldly cycle. Only devotion can grant us freedom from the worldly cycle. READ FULL ARTICLE BELOW -

If we have not committed any sins in human life, which is almost impossible to happen, then we will not have to suffer hell. Also, if we have performed a lot of noble deeds then we will get heaven to enjoy it. But when we have enjoyed our virtues in heaven, then we will be pushed back from there to the land of death i.e, earth.

We cannot imagine a better situation than the one described above, in which we did not commit sins at all and performed many noble deeds. But still what is the fruit ? The visit to hell was avoided and after enjoying heaven one has to come back to earth.

This is a hypothetical example because a man keeps on committing sins and is able to execute very less noble deeds. Yet if we assume in the imagination that he has not committed a sin at all and has performed a lot of noble deeds, then also he will have to be born on earth after not suffering in hell and after enjoyment in heaven. He will not get freedom from being born. He will have to take birth in 8.4 million species.

But if that creature had undertaken devotion of GOD in his human life and did not get caught in the cycle of sin and virtue, he would have got freed and would have reached the dwelling of GOD and Divine Lotus Feet of GOD. He would have been freed from the cycle of 8.4 million species forever. He would not have to go into any mother's womb again and he would have been freed forever from the cycle of birth and death.

But if we are not able to do this, then is it a lesser punishment that we will have to take birth in 8.4 million species. Not once but for how many times we have to do this. Since when we have been roaming in 8.4 million species is not known and for how long it will continue is also not known. In this tour of 8.4 million species, we have to become a tree, which tolerates wind, storm, heat and winter standing for 100 to 125 years at one place. We have to become a dog and pig in our journey to 8.4 million species and have to eat the eaten food while living in the filth. We will have to become insects and moths sitting on feces in the tour of 8.4 million species. Is this tour in 8.4 million species a less punishment in itself ?

Even if we have not committed sins in our human lives and have performed noble deeds, we will still have to visit 8.4 million species and bear the punishment of that journey. Not committing sin and performing noble deeds also cannot save us from this punishment.

Only and only the devotion of GOD can save us from this punishment. Devotion is so great that it liberates us from the movement in the world again. Only devotion has access to GOD, so one who undertakes devotion and reaches GOD he does not have to come again in any form in the world.

English Translation vetted by Hitesh Sharma