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Written with divine inspiration by ChandraShekhar Karwa

SYNOPSIS: There is so much power in the devotion of GOD that it ensures our welfare in this life and also improves our afterlife. Devotion leads us directly to the Divine Lotus Feet of GOD and liberates us forever from the cycle of birth and death. READ THE FULL ARTICLE BELOW -

When we get enough of anything in the world, it still keeps us insatiable and our greed keeps increasing. We spend our life in the greed of that object.

Take money as an example. If we have earned money for seven generations and old age comes while earning it, then too our greed will remain intact. We know that even if we have much more than what we need, we will still not be satisfied. In old age, our body starts to fatigue yet we go to the office and factory and try to earn more from our business.

By greed for money, property, family, society, we definitely get fame, honor, prestige in the world but we have to return empty-handed upon death just like we came empty-handed.

But if we make the earning of devotion and if we keep on increasing the greed of devotion, then our welfare is ensured. When we have insatiability for wealth and we try to earn more money, we waste our human life in vain which leads to our downfall. But when we have insatiability for devotion and we undertake devotion of GOD with more dedication, the purpose of our human life is fulfilled.

We have got human life only for the attainment of GOD and the best way to attain GOD is only by devotion. Human life should only be used for undertaking devotion then only we will win. The scriptures have shown us this path in their writings. This is what the saints have said through their speech.

The one who has fallen in the devotion of GOD has experienced devotional ecstasy. All the worldly pleasures of the world are insignificant in front of that devotional ecstasy. The happiness of the world leads us towards our downfall. Let us see in an example of how the happiness of the world makes us fall.

A person earns money in immoral ways to take pleasure in wealth. In business, he indulges in manipulation, adulteration and speaks lies and thus becomes a partaker of sin. The money earned from immorality surely brings disease, grief and downfall with it. There is no power in the money earned throughout our entire life, that when we fall ill and get hospitalized, we can get even one more breath from the doctors or through medicines.

But if we strive to earn the love of GOD, devotion to GOD in life instead of money then we get ecstasy in this life also and upon death we reach the Divine Lotus Feet of GOD. We have wasted so many human births in the world, because of which we have to fall in the rotation of 8.4 million species every time. The need is that this time this golden opportunity of human life should not be wasted and it should be made successful by undertaking the devotion of GOD.

English Translation vetted by Hitesh Sharma