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Written with divine inspiration by ChandraShekhar Karwa

SYNOPSIS: Have we ever sat and reviewed this human life that why GOD has given us this precious human birth and in which direction our human life is passing. READ THE FULL ARTICLE BELOW -

Do we sit in front of GOD in our home temple for 3 hours on any of our birthdays to assess why GOD has given us human birth bestowing His grace and kindness ?

We have received human birth only to attain GOD. For worldly enjoyment, there are all other species. Food, sleep, copulation also occurs in the species of animal-bird and aquatic creatures. After the birth in 8.4 million species, we have got human birth to attain GOD. Do we ever think about how much progress we have made in this direction ? Do we ever think of this on our birthday ?

From our last birthday to this birthday, a valuable year that could have been used for the attainment of GOD passes away. Do we ever make an account of that past year, what we had to do and what we did ? Most people do nothing of this sort and go to the temple for ten minutes in the morning and spend the whole day having fun with family and friends.

Every person takes a human birth for a fixed period. As each birthday passes, that period gets shorter. As each year passes by, our period available for the attainment of GOD becomes shorter. Even till old age we are not conscious of this fact and our entire period passes by and we die. In this way that human birth goes in waste, it goes in vain. Again, we have to wander in 8.4 million species.

But when Holy discourse (satsang) is found in life, the Holy Scriptures are read, the pastimes of GOD are heard, then we understand the importance of human birth. This is such a precious human birth like a diamond, which if used properly will gratefully bless us.

The devotion undertaken to attain GOD in this human birth ensures our salvation in this birth itself. GOD has always been obsessed with the devotion of the devotee and has given him freedom from the cycle of birth and death in this world forever. This is the principle of GOD.

Devotion leads us to the Divine Lotus Feet of GOD. In such a way, due to the devotion undertaken in that human birth, that human birth becomes the last birth of that creature and he becomes free forever from travelling in 8.4 million species.

Therefore, on each of our birthdays, we should see how much progress we have made in the last year towards attaining GOD. Also, the direction for the attainment of GOD in the coming year should also be decided. There should be such a review year after year so that our love and devotion for GOD continues to grow.

English Translation vetted by Hitesh Sharma