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Written with divine inspiration by ChandraShekhar Karwa

SYNOPSIS: We should review what we request from GOD under any circumstances and should always choose the best type of plea among the three types of pleas. READ THE FULL ARTICLE BELOW -

We should see what we request and how we request GOD in the time of our adversity or in the state of any demand. We will analyze three types of pleas here. The first type of that is the simple type that we all do. The second type is the medium type and the third type is the best type of plea to GOD.

Let us first talk about the first type. We place our distress or demand before GOD and request GOD to do as we desire. This is a very simple thing but most people always do the same. We are telling the all-knowing and all-capable GOD what He should do. For example, at the time of the wedding of a daughter, we ask GOD to get our daughter married to this groom and this family. We made the choice and put the responsibility of compliance on GOD. We did not even consider GOD worthy here to give GOD a chance to do whatever He wished.

The second type is slightly better than the first but not the best. In the second type, something exceptional happens when we do not keep our free will and ask GOD to do what is right for us. Here too, we did not express our complete faith in GOD and added that He should do what is appropriate for us. Does GOD, who knows everything, need to be told what is right or good for us ? For example, take the context of the daughter's marriage again. Most people will be found praying that GOD should do as is appropriate for their daughter.

The third type is not only better than the first two but is also the best. The best thing happens when we ask GOD not to do as per our wish, not to do what is right for us but to do what pleases and bring delight to GOD. Here we gave freedom to GOD that GOD should do as per His wish. Again look at the context of the daughter's marriage. Here we ask GOD whatever groom He thinks is right, whichever family He thinks is appropriate, He should arrange for the daughter as per His desire.

When we consider GOD as the Supreme Father and give Him complete freedom and endorse our full faith in GOD and give the highest priority to the desire of GOD, then we get definite bliss and our welfare is ensured. When the responsibility of the child falls on an ordinary worldly father, he tries his best, then just think that if we leave the responsibility to the Supreme Father, will He miss out to ensure our greatest welfare.

Therefore, we should always bring GOD to the forefront in life and hand our responsibility to GOD and should remain convinced in the decision of GOD. This is the principle of devotion but it is only possible when devotion is true. When we learn to respect the desire of GOD in life, only then we become a devotee in the true sense.

English Translation done by Sheelnidhi Gupta