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Written with divine inspiration by ChandraShekhar Karwa

SYNOPSIS: When adversity and sorrow comes in life, we should not be afraid of it, rather it should be considered as a means of turning towards GOD and should be used to achieve the contiguity of GOD. READ THE FULL ARTICLE BELOW -

When sorrow comes in life, we should consider it as a means of connecting with GOD. It is the principle that sorrow leads us closer to GOD. Sorrow brings us near to GOD.

We indulge in enjoyment and collection in happiness and in favorable times. We thank GOD as a mere formality and keep worshiping, chanting and praying to GOD for seeking more happiness and favorableness. But we are not able to connect with GOD. Whatever happens is for mere formality and for more fulfillments of desires.

But when sorrow and adversity comes into our life, then our power of wealth, intelligence and family are all sidelined. Then we truly remember GOD. It is then that we understand that GOD is only paramount in life. Then our life turns to attain GOD. In our conscience, love for GOD is awakened and we begin to undertake devotion of GOD. We accept the shelter of GOD in our life.

When this happens, our life becomes blessed. Therefore, saints have considered the time of sorrow in life as a means of connecting with GOD. The saints even say that GOD sends sorrow and adversity in the life of those whom He wants to draw towards Him and upon whom He wants to shower His grace.

The sorrows and adversities of life make us attain the contiguity of GOD. There is nothing in the world more achievable than this. Therefore, when there is sorrow and adversity in life, we should not curse our destiny and fortune but make it a means to turn towards GOD.

All the devotees had encountered sorrow and adversity in their life due to which they turned towards GOD. The sorrow and adversity increased their love, devotion and shelter of GOD many folds. Bhagwati Kuntiji sought sorrow from GOD even after receiving happiness and favorableness. When the Pandavas won the war of Mahabharata with the grace of GOD and received the throne of the kingdom, GOD after blessing them started going to Shri Dwarkaji. Then Bhagwati Kuntiji came in front of the chariot of GOD and stopped the chariot and asked for seeking something from GOD. When GOD asked her to seek, she asked for sorrow. She pleaded that in every moment of sorrow, GOD stayed with the Pandavas and now when happiness came, GOD started going. She said that she does not want such happiness that takes GOD away from life. She wants that sorrow that always provides the contiguity of GOD.

Therefore, we should not be afraid of sorrow and adversity in life and if they come in life then they should be welcomed because they make our life Godly. In sorrow, we truly remember GOD, we truly worship GOD and in this way, we attain the contiguity of GOD.

English Translation done by Sheelnidhi Gupta