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Written with divine inspiration by ChandraShekhar Karwa

SYNOPSIS: There is no one who knows our interest more than GOD. We ourselves do not know our interest as much as GOD knows. Therefore one should always accept the desire of GOD in life because in it our paramount interest is hidden. READ THE FULL ARTICLE BELOW -

In life, the Holy finger of GOD should be held like a small child holds his mother's finger. By doing so, as that child remains assured because his entire responsibility falls on his mother, similarly, we can remain assured throughout life and even the afterlife because GOD will take care of all our responsibilities and obligations.

One great advantage of holding the Holy finger of GOD is that GOD fulfills our spiritual desire and GOD will not fulfill the desire that can cause harm to us in the future. We see our present and wish for the future but GOD knows our future and arranges for our present.

When we feel that our desires are not fulfilled despite GOD being there, then we should see our goodness hidden in it. GOD will never fulfill our desire in which we will have a loss and will have no goodness. Just as a mother, upon being insisted by her child, does not give an attractive looking but a red-hot fire ember, as she knows that the child is immature and does not understand that this ember will burn his hand. Similarly, GOD does not provide us with some things in life even though we have the full desire for it because He is our Supreme Father and knows that it will harm us.

All the saints and devotees have accepted the desire of GOD as paramount and sincerely accepted it in their life. They never thought that despite GOD being there, why their wishes were not fulfilled. Because of their devotion, they had a firm belief that GOD will do what is in their best interest and GOD will never allow such a thing to happen which is not in their interest.

It is always heard from the mouth of saints and devotees that the will of GOD is paramount. Such a state of mind occurs when our devotion is paramount. Due to devotion, the creature has such an unwavering faith in GOD that he gladly accepts whatever happens in his life as the desire of GOD. In the desire of GOD, he sees his well-being hidden.

In life, when we hold the Holy finger of GOD and accept the shelter of GOD, then our worries become of GOD instead of being ours. Saints and devotees have contemplated GOD in life and their concern has been borne by GOD.

Therefore, the creature should contemplate GOD in life and gladly accept the desire of GOD without worrying because whatever GOD will do, it will be in our supreme interest only.

English Translation done by Sheelnidhi Gupta