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Written with divine inspiration by ChandraShekhar Karwa

SYNOPSIS: We all know how to love and we love someone after arriving in the world. But if we turn the direction of this love towards GOD and start loving GOD then it is called devotion. READ FULL ARTICLE BELOW -

Devotion simply means to love GOD. We all know how to love. A mother loves her child. A small child loves his mother. The husband loves his wife. The wife loves her husband and also loves her maternal home.

All we have to do in devotion is to turn the direction of this love towards GOD. As soon as we turn the direction of our love towards GOD, it becomes devotion. By all means, true love should only be done with the one who is closest to us. GOD is the most closest to us because we are a part of GOD and GOD is our entity. Therefore, we have an eternal and everlasting relationship with GOD.

As the sand particles are mixed together in the desert and then the wind blows, those particles are separated from each other and they reach another place where they join with other particles. But wherever those particles are, their contact with the earth is always maintained. Similarly, we have a union with someone in one birth and we are separated at death. Then in the next birth, we have a union with a new creature. But we had a relationship with GOD in our previous birth, we also have in this birth and it will also be there in the next birth and it is always going to be there in every birth. Just like sand particles always have a relationship with the earth.

Therefore, the greatest and the truest love in life should be for GOD, with whom we have an eternal relationship forever. This is the principle of devotion.

We should come in the role of a very small child with GOD and should hold the Holy finger of GOD. By this, we will be fearless and assured during life and even the afterlife.

Just like a child who goes with his mother by holding her finger, when the pit falls on the way, the mother automatically lifts him in her lap, similarly, if we have caught the Holy finger of GOD and then when trouble comes due to our destiny, GOD lifts us up in His lap.

You must have heard a story. A devotee had a realization of GOD and in the dream, he lived with GOD by holding the Holy finger of GOD. He always saw four footprints in which two belonged to him and two were of the Divine Lotus Feet of GOD. Once he got in adversity due to destiny and in his adverse time, he saw only two footprints in the dream. He told to GOD that you had left me alone in the adversity. GOD said that the two footprints you are seeing are Mine and I have lifted you in My lap during the period of adversity and unfavourableness, so you do not see two footprints of yours.

Therefore, in life, one should love GOD truthfully and greatly and should take the shelter of GOD and hold the Holy finger of GOD. This is the path of devotion.

English Translation done by Sheelnidhi Gupta