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Written with divine inspiration by ChandraShekhar Karwa

SYNOPSIS: If we undertake devotion of GOD then even if we do not demand anything from GOD, GOD automatically fulfills our every need due to being all-knowing and all-capable. We should remain selfless in devotion by not seeking anything from GOD. READ THE FULL ARTICLE BELOW -

GOD should give, this is a demand. GOD will give, this is the faith. We should not demand anything from GOD. We should always be selfless. Even if we do not demand, we should have faith in getting that thing from GOD.

The devotee always has faith in GOD that GOD will fulfill all his needs and GOD does it automatically. Just like what a newborn wants, there is no demand from him but his mother automatically fulfills his every need before time. Similarly, GOD automatically fulfills all the needs of His devotees that too without their demands because nothing is hidden from GOD and GOD is all-capable. He knows who needs what and when and He is capable of giving everything to all.

We will see the example of Shri Narsiji Mehta, a devotee of GOD, then this fact will be clear to us. Shri Narsiji married his daughter with great passion. Then he got engaged in devotion and he came to the forest and started the worship of GOD while residing in a hut. His granddaughter grew up and the time for her marriage came. According to the custom, the Nanihal (maternal family) side has to fulfill Mayra (a custom where offering has to be given by the maternal family). The in-laws knew that Shri Narsiji did not have anything. In order to make fun of Shri Narsiji, the in-laws sent a long list of marriage items related to Mayra to Shri Narsiji through a Brahmin. Shri Narsiji offered the letter so received in the Divine Lotus Feet of GOD without opening it. He did not demand anything from GOD because he had faith that GOD would automatically fulfill his needs. To keep the devotee's honor, GOD Himself had to come and GOD came to fulfill the Mayra by becoming his daughter’s Dharma Bhai (Religious brother). GOD fulfilled such a Mayra that the receivers got tired of accepting things. GOD gave infinite times more than the list of those things sought in Mayra. GOD was hailed everywhere and the honor of Shri Narsiji increased.

It is confirmed from the above example that if we do not demand anything from GOD and if we keep our firm faith in GOD, then GOD will accordingly give us at the right time. But the creature corrupts his devotion by asking from GOD because the best devotion is selfless devotion.

Being selfless in devotion is a great pride of devotion. The selfless devotees are the most beloved of GOD. There are no higher means than selfless devotion. Therefore, the creatures should not demand that GOD should give but should firmly believe that GOD will give.

In Shrimad Bhagavad Geetaji GOD has taken the vow of taking the responsibility of His devotees and GOD always fulfills such a vow. This can be seen in the characters of all the devotees.

Therefore, the creatures should keep unwavering faith in GOD and should make their human life successful by undertaking selfless devotion of GOD.

English Translation done by Sheelnidhi Gupta