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Written with divine inspiration by ChandraShekhar Karwa

SYNOPSIS: GOD is our Supreme Father and the owner of the entire universe. All are governed by GOD and due to GOD, all remain in their motion with decorum. READ FULL ARTICLE BELOW -

GOD is the controller of the world. See the capability of GOD as the controller that GOD rests quietly on Shri SheshShaiyya (GOD’s resting divine bed) in Kshirsagar (GOD’s resting divine ocean) and the operation of the world keeps continuing. Billions of creatures die every moment in millions of species and billions of creatures are born. After the death of billions of creatures every second, according to their deeds, their accounting is done, according to which they bear the fruit in heaven and hell and then they get new birth according to their deeds.

Every moment, innumerable creatures call upon GOD in distress, and by staying in that state of rest, GOD helps them in their calamity after listening to their call.

Such a swing prevails in the world, the entire universe keeps moving and so many cosmos are situated in every pore of GOD, then too GOD remains calm in His resting state. It is the capability of GOD that even after such a swing in the state of the world it has no effect on GOD.

Every moment, after the death of billions of creatures, accounting for them without any mistake according to their deeds, is such great capability of GOD. The creature performs many deeds in the solitary and lonely state but even then the deeds performed in the solitary and lonely state are accounted for by GOD. There is no escape from the justice of GOD. Whatever we have not done, we never have to suffer the fruit of it but at the same time, we can never escape the bearing of the fruit for what we have done.

The management of GOD is supreme. To understand it, it would be appropriate to see the illustration of the owner of a factory. There is a very big factory of an industrialist which is managed by him. There are different machines in the factory, there are different departments and in managing them the industrialist is busy and upset all day long. There are sometimes compromises in the operation, sometimes even obstruction comes. Tired of managing the entire factory till evening, the industrialist returns to his home. Even after putting in his full effort, he cannot achieve hundred percent best results. There are drawbacks to his management. Now see the capability of GOD that even after the swing of the numerous and uncountable universes, everything has a smooth operation, and by doing so, GOD does not have to undergo any labor at all.

There are so many planets in the entire universe and they move in their decorum. Day and nights originate in decorum. The water of the ocean remains in decorum. The wind blows through in decorum. The operation of the entire universe is in decorum. That decorum is never violated.

GOD listens to the call of everyone in distress. A mother cannot hear the call of her child distant from her by two rooms but GOD listens to the call of all the creatures whether they are aquatic, aerial, terrestrial and flora and sends them help.

We should, therefore, be attached to such an all-capable GOD by devotion, only then our human birth will be successful. We have got this human birth only to connect with GOD. GOD is the controller of the world, our Supreme Father and owner. Therefore it is best to live a human life engaged with devotion towards GOD. The success of human life also lies in this.

English Translation done by Sheelnidhi Gupta