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Written with divine inspiration by ChandraShekhar Karwa

SYNOPSIS: How great is this mercy of GOD that GOD has given the right of His devotion to the most descendant. But see our misfortune that we ask for everything else instead of asking devotion from GOD. The greatest gift offered by GOD is of devotion but we are not able to visualize it. READ FULL ARTICLE BELOW -

The creature cannot compel GOD to fulfill any of his desires. His desires depend on the fruits provided by GOD as a result of his past deeds. But the creature can certainly press GOD for giving him the donation of devotion. The devotees have done so because history is a witness that the great miscreants, sinners, robbers and butchers have also become the great devotees of GOD.

GOD has given every creature the right to receive the gift of devotion. We just need to make successful use of that right. But the creature is not able to do so. In the modern age, he demands everything from GOD but not the devotion. The creature needs wealth, property, son, grandson, health and everything from GOD. GOD gives them whatever they wish. But GOD also waits for such a devotee, who seeks GOD through the devotion of GOD. There is only one rare in millions who does so.

In Kaliyuga (modern era), the creature demands everything except devotion from GOD. But GOD gets pleased with those who ask for the devotion of GOD from GOD. The gift of devotion is the biggest gift given by GOD. All other donations in front of this donation are trivial because devotion is paramount. The power of devotion is that it allows the devotee to sit in the lap of GOD. GOD is willing to sacrifice everything for His devotee. There is no one greater for GOD other than the devotee.

History is a witness that the great miscreants, sinners, robbers and the butcher have also become the great devotees of GOD. There is a story of Shri Ajamilji in SriMad Bhagavatji Mahapuran. There was no such sin that Shri Ajamilji has not performed. He was a great Brahmin but suddenly became downtrodden. He became so descendant that the messengers of GOD Shri Yamrajji came to take him to Hell upon his death. At that time because of fear, he called his son, whose name was Narayan. Narayan is also the name of GOD and therefore the councilor of GOD came there to rescue him from the messenger of GOD Shri Yamrajji because of the pronunciation of the name of GOD. When the messengers of Shri Yamrajji narrated the sins of Shri Ajamilji before the councilor of GOD, there were many such sins which were forgotten and were even not remembered by Shri Ajamilji. But still, by saying that the power of combating the accumulated sins of eternal births is there in the name of GOD, the councilor of GOD freed him. When Shri Ajamilji saw the significance of the pronunciation of one name of GOD with his eyes, his life was transformed. Then he devoted his whole life in the devotion of GOD. GOD blessed him with the gift of devotion and he finally went to the dwelling of GOD after attaining salvation.

From this parable, it is established that the most descendant one is also eligible to get the donation of devotion. The right to undertake devotion of GOD is equally available to all. But very few people exercise this right. There too the highest number of devotees who undertake devotion is for the fulfillment of desires. Only rare are there who undertake desire free, selfless and exclusive devotion.

The creature must try to please GOD by selfless and exclusive devotion. GOD is pleased with selfless and exclusive devotion and GOD Himself automatically takes the full responsibility of such devotee.

The creature must keep the desire to seek the devotion of GOD from GOD. The greatest achievement of the creature is when he has received the gift of the devotion of GOD from GOD. Receiving the worldly things from GOD is secondary, it is best to get the devotion of GOD from GOD. GOD has given equal rights to everyone to receive the devotion of GOD from GOD. By using that right, we should ask for the devotion of GOD from GOD. The creature doing so succeeds in his human life because achieving the devotion of GOD is the greatest achievement of human life.

English Translation done by Sheelnidhi Gupta

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