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Written with divine inspiration by ChandraShekhar Karwa

SYNOPSIS: In the earlier eras, the way to attain GOD was difficult because there was righteousness and favorableness in life. But in Kaliyug (present era) the way to attain GOD has become very easy because in life there has been a degradation of righteousness and also life is full of adversities. READ THE FULL ARTICLE BELOW -

In today's era which is Kaliyug, one who undertakes devotion attains GOD very soon. It was difficult to attain GOD in other eras but it is very easy to attain GOD in Kaliyug. It is so because it is difficult to find time for GOD in this era due to troubles of the household, the problems of business, the social worldliness and the invasion of diseases, therefore, GOD has made the way for His attainment very easy in this age.

Therefore, those who find time for GOD by undertaking true devotion in this present age reach GOD with great speed. In other eras, the obstacles in the path of attaining GOD were less and hence the means to attain GOD was difficult. But in Kaliyug, there are many obstacles in the way of attaining GOD so the means of attaining GOD have been made very accessible.

The creature of Kaliyug is entangled in the troubles of the household. Due to dearness and competition, the upbringing of family and children is a big burden on him which he keeps lifting for a lifetime. In such a situation, it becomes difficult for him to take out time for GOD. Today he fulfills his worship duties by worshiping only about 10 minutes in the morning and evening or by going to the temple to worship for 10 minutes. In earlier eras, people offered a large part of their day to GOD. The practice of their worship was much extended and then the daily recitation of Hymns and Satsang (Holy discourse) continued throughout. But in present times, in the race to be modern, a lot of time of the creature is spent and his attention does not go towards GOD.

In Kaliyug, the creature is surrounded by the problems of trade and livelihood. He adopts unethical tactics in the era of competition to move forward in business and brings immoral earnings to his house. This reason leads to his downfall in spiritual perception. His life does not remain pure, his living and thinking also do not remain pure. In the earlier era, people used to be contented and they never compromised with morality, hence they were uplifted.

In Kaliyug, the social worldliness has hijacked a large part of the creature's life. He remains entangled in the wasteful worldliness for the sake of his reputation and for the sake of his name and fame. Science has made the reach of the creature to the country and abroad. Therefore, in order to attend a wedding, he goes abroad by traveling for ten hours and thus keeps himself unnecessarily busy. While performing worldly duties, he remembers the world and forgets GOD.

Because of the invasions of diseases in Kaliyug, the creature remains troubled. Due to the bad eating habits, pollution and the ill effects of modern living, his health worsens. He has to labor very hard to stay healthy. His life gets entangled in costly treatment and in the reaction of medicines. In the older times, due to a pure diet, righteous lifestyle, the creatures remained healthy and because of good health, he was able to dedicate his body and mind in service of GOD.

Therefore, even after all these hassles, one who finds time for GOD in Kaliyug and undertakes true devotion of GOD from the heart, he attains GOD very quickly. Whoever run towards GOD while overcoming the obstacles of Kaliyug, GOD Himself comes forward and embraces him in His arms.

English Translation done by Sheelnidhi Gupta