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Written with divine inspiration by ChandraShekhar Karwa

SYNOPSIS: We make financial planning for old age in our life so that our old age can pass happily but we fail to make spiritual planning beyond our old age so as to improve our afterlife. The creature that does spiritual planning by undertaking devotion sets himself free from the cycle of birth and death forever and reaches the Divine Lotus Feet of GOD. READ THE FULL ARTICLE BELOW -

We prepare financially from young age so that till our old age we can accumulate money and our old age passes properly. But do we also make spiritual planning at a young age so that both our life and death can be improved ?

In today's era, everyone is worried about his old age. Today, the person does not believe in his son, grandson, because he is seeing that the elderly person who have not prepared financially during their lifetime have to spend their lives in old age homes. Therefore, since his youth and throughout his entire life, every person is engaged in preparation for his old age. He knows that in old age expenses will increase because inflation will increase, the disease will also increase in old age and so the cost of treatment will also increase. For the preparation of all these, he saves his earning. He invests for his old age right from his young age. Many opportunities for investment are available for him in the market.

By making financial investments, the person does financial planning for his old age but has he ever thought that he also needs to do spiritual planning which can improve his human life and his death.

The Scriptures, saints and devotees give us the same preach that devotion of GOD should be undertaken from a young age, which will improve our lives and will also improve our end. The more GOD will be worshiped in the lifespan, the more we will become free from the bondage of deeds. When we are free from the bondage of deeds then our end improves because we do not have to take birth again to bear the fruits of deeds. If the creature undertakes the devotion of GOD with full dedication in life, then his afterlife improves and he reaches the dwelling of GOD directly after his death.

Therefore, in life we must undertake the devotion of GOD from young age. All the devotees have attained GOD at the end and have freed themselves from the worldly cycle forever. The capability of devotion is immense because it has direct access to the Divine Lotus Feet of GOD. Devotion makes us sit in the lap of GOD. No one is more dear to GOD than His devotees.

So just as we prepare financially for old age, we should also prepare spiritually for death after old age. But in today's era, there are very few fortunate who do this. Most people do not pay attention to this. Due to the influence of Satsang (religious discourse), there are some fortunate people whose mind gets attracted towards this fact that what will be their end and what will happen to them after death ? Such people start making spiritual planning during their lifetime and by doing so, they improve both their end and their death. By taking inspiration from such people, everyone should do so and then only their human birth will be successful.

English Translation done by Sheelnidhi Gupta