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Written with divine inspiration by ChandraShekhar Karwa

SYNOPSIS: Our whole life is full with the grace of GOD but we do not possess the art of seeing the grace of GOD, so we are not able to visualize the grace of the GOD in every aspect of our life. If we learn the art of seeing the grace of GOD, our heart will always be filled with thanks and gratitude for GOD and thereby more grace of GOD will be realized in our lives. READ FULL ARTICLE BELOW -

The biggest sign of devotion is that the grace of GOD will be visible in every field, in every work. As the devotion enter our life, the grace of GOD is visualized everywhere. Unless there will be devotion in life, we will not be able to sight the grace of GOD. Wherever the eyes of a devotee see, he sees the grace of GOD everywhere.

Devotees have always experienced the grace of GOD in their lives. In every aspect of life, they have succeeded in visualizing the grace of GOD. This is the right approach to live a life that in every context we are able to visualize the grace of GOD.

It is a principle that as much as we learn to see the grace of GOD, the more grace of GOD will enhance in our lives. Therefore, in the life character of all the devotees, we are able to see the grace of GOD in abundance. Bhagwati MeeraBai is its live example. Her whole life is full of the grace of GOD. Poison was sent for killing her but it became nectar. When she slept her bed was fixed with toxic toes but those toxic toes became petals of flowers. A poisonous snake was sent to bite her but it became GOD Shree Saligramji. The second live example is of devotee Shri Prahladji. He was thrown down from the top of a mountain but GOD stood down and caught him in His arms. He was made to sit on fire but the fire became cool for him and Holika who tried to burn got burnt. An elephant was brought for killing him but the elephant greeted him instead of killing him.

After seeing two instances of old history, let us see the three present instances. The first instance is that of a rich man. If he is rich, then it is due to the grace of GOD because if one can become rich from hard work, then the one who runs a jammer or who works hard to pull the rickshaw should be the richest. But they are not so because of the absence of GOD’s grace. Let us take a second instance of a love between a husband and wife. The love of a husband and wife is sustained only because the grace of GOD because if the grace of GOD goes away from their lives then their relationship will turn terrible and painful for each other. As the grace of GOD leaves, the relationship between husband and wife will become cold and miserable. Let us take the third instance of a scholar student who has received knowledge as a grace from GOD. An ordinary student is not able to do anything with the same hard work and he fails but the intelligent student touches the heights with the same hard work.

In the present three examples of the rich man’s eminence, of love between husband and wife and of the student becoming knowledgeable it is the grace of GOD which works. Accepting this principle is devotion and upon acceptance of this principle, we will always be able to visualize the grace of GOD in every sphere.

The acceptance of grace of GOD in life will result in the generation of more grace of GOD. Therefore, in every instance of life, we must be able to visualize the grace of GOD. The one who learns to do this, the grace of GOD goes on increasing in his life. Devotion teaches us the art of visualizing the grace of GOD everywhere in life. Therefore, we should immediately bring devotion in our life, so that we can get the eyes which are capable of seeing the grace of GOD and thereby we are able to visualize the grace of GOD everywhere.

English Translation done by Sheelnidhi Gupta

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