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Written with divine inspiration by ChandraShekhar Karwa

SYNOPSIS: If sorrow comes in life, then we should never complain to GOD about it but we should treat it as the grace of GOD because sorrow alienates us away from the world and turns us towards GOD. READ FULL ARTICLE BELOW -

The sorrow and suffering of life provide us the best opportunity to turn towards GOD. The saints call it grace sent by GOD which leads us towards GOD. But we blame GOD for the sorrow and suffering and waste this opportunity.

When there is happiness everywhere in life, then we get more engaged in the world. In the happiness, remembrance of GOD and worship of GOD is merely done as a formality. Therefore, for attaining GOD, sorrow is the great helper better than happiness because it leads us to the path of GOD. The person who is in distress remembers GOD very quickly because now his only shelter is GOD. Saint Kabirdasji has written this thing in his verse that "everyone remembers GOD in distress but no one remembers GOD in happiness". It is the culture of this world that we remember GOD most when in distress.

In Kailyug (modern era) we will find many devotees who were diverted towards GOD by sorrow. If they would have been happy they would have been engaged in the world and in their business and family but distress came into their life and they were diverted towards GOD.

Therefore, the saints have considered sorrow as more valuable than happiness. The distressed creatures get distracted from the world because all the doors of the world are closed for them one by one. After the closure of the doors of the world, he remembers GOD. The door of GOD never closes for anyone at any time. It always remains open for everyone all the time.

The world leaves the association of the distressed person, even his family and his wife and children leave him but GOD never leaves anyone at any time. From where the world leaves our finger, from there GOD holds our finger.

Therefore, sorrow must be considered as a golden opportunity to move towards the path that leads to GOD and we should never panic in sorrow. In a state of distress, we should accept the shelter of GOD by undertaking the devotion of GOD. This will end our sorrow and we will also get the contiguity of GOD. We must be thankful for the sorrow that leads us towards GOD in our life. Sorrow leads us to GOD, therefore, the saints consider sorrow as praiseworthy. Therefore, when sorrow comes in life, then we should accept that sorrow in life and make it a big medium to reach GOD.

We love the world in happiness but in sorrow, we tend to love GOD. Then decide for yourself which is better. The one which makes us love the world is better or the one which makes us love GOD is better. Of course, the one which makes us love GOD is the best. Therefore, we should never be sad with the sorrow in life.

Great saints and devotees have attained the contiguity of GOD by making sorrow the means. If they would have remained happy in their life then they would never have moved forward on the path that led to GOD and would never have achieved the contiguity of GOD. They were surrounded by sorrow in life and their interest in the world got dissolved and they took the path towards GOD in their life.

We should learn from the saints that in their life they never complained to GOD for sorrow but have always thanked GOD for the sorrow because they were able to successfully reach GOD due to their sorrow. Sorrow helps us to attain GOD, so if sorrow comes in life then we should accept that sorrow.

Therefore, if sorrow comes in life we must gladly accept it as the grace of GOD and should move towards GOD through devotion by becoming disinclined towards the world.

English Translation done by Sheelnidhi Gupta