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Written with divine inspiration by ChandraShekhar Karwa

SYNOPSIS: In favorable times, a common man can also see the grace of GOD but the true devotee is the one who finds the infinite grace of GOD even in adversity and also considers adversity to be the mercy of GOD. READ FULL ARTICLE BELOW -

A devotee is able to find the grace of GOD in every favorable and in an intense adverse situation. One of the greatest qualities of a true devotee is that he is able to find the hidden grace of GOD in every situation.

The correct criterion for devotion is seeing the grace of GOD in every favorable and adverse situation. The most accurate way to identify whether our devotion has matured or not is when we are able to see the grace of GOD in adversity.

For example, if a devotee gets distressed by his wife, then the devotee will believe that my GOD has blessed me so much, otherwise, my birth would have been ruined behind the woman. The thing which is considered ungraceful by the world will also be considered as the grace of GOD by the devotee. Take a second example that if there is a loss of money in the business, then the devotee will believe that GOD wanted to save him from the grandeur which takes the creature away from GOD. Take the third example that if the young son dies, the devotee will believe that GOD has blessed him and this has happened to save him from the attachment and fascination with the son.

The devotee has an innate virtue that in every circumstance he sees the grace of GOD very easily. He sees only and only the grace of GOD very easily in all favorability and unfavourableness. We, the worldly people, see the grace of GOD in favorable circumstances but in the unfavorable situation, we fail to see the grace of GOD. Even in adverse circumstances, the art of seeing the grace of GOD comes only and only in a true devotee.

In the biography of so many devotees, it can be clearly seen that they have been able to greatly visualize the grace of GOD more in adversity than in favorability. In favorable times, all see the grace of GOD but seeing the grace of GOD in adversity is the biggest thing.

The true devotee considers the adversity to be the grace of GOD. Whenever adversity comes, it detaches us from the world. Reclusiveness, whether it comes for a transient period only, awakens within us. Detachment from the world and reclusiveness play the most important role in turning us towards GOD.

When adversity comes, the true devotee increases their worship more and more. It is a sign of the true devotee that he never complains of adversity to GOD because he regards adversity as the grace of GOD. The worldly creature complains to GOD in adversity but the devotee never does so. The worldly creature becomes afraid of adversity but the devotee embraces the adversity.

The parable of Bhagwati Kuntiji is most appropriate here, who asked for adversity from GOD because in adversity one remembers GOD more and we also get the continuous contiguity of GOD.

Therefore, we must learn the art of seeing the grace of GOD in both conditions of favorability and adversity. When we learn this art, our devotion becomes firm. The true devotee also welcomes the adversity because in that too, he is able to find the hidden grace of GOD.

English Translation done by Sheelnidhi Gupta