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Written with divine inspiration by ChandraShekhar Karwa

SYNOPSIS: Wealth, property, prestige, worldly pleasures, these are all the simple mercy of GOD. The greatest mercy of GOD is the donation of devotion due to which the creature is able to reach GOD. READ THE FULL ARTICLE BELOW -

If we succeed in moving even a bit forward towards GOD in our life, then keeping its ego will be a wrong step because it will lead to our downfall. It would also be wrong to see it as a destiny earned due to our past noble deeds. The best way to see this is to believe that my merciful GOD has bestowed special mercy on me and has opened the way for me to advance towards Him.

The path to advance towards GOD is opened only and only by the mercy of GOD. This principle should always be remembered in life that without the mercy of GOD, we cannot move forward on the path that leads to GOD. The second big advantage of remembering this will be that we will not have an ego of our manhood.

If we walk on the path towards GOD and are also able to get rid of desire, anger, pride and greed, even then the ego, whose strength is more than the combined strength of all these, will make us fall. Visualizing the mercy of GOD everywhere is the best and only way to stop the defect of ego and its resultant downfall.

We get the devotion of GOD only because of the mercy of GOD, otherwise, there are so many people who are held by illusion (Maya) in such a way that they remain engaged in the world only. Some are entangled in the business and are busy earning money day and night. Some are entangled in worldly affairs and are engaged in the same day and night. Some are entangled in son, grandson and are engaged only in their upbringing. Some are entangled in their wife and are engaged in keeping her happy.

When GOD is pleased, then the creature gets over all these and leads his life towards GOD. He starts pleasing GOD and tries to know GOD in life. His routine becomes Godly. While sleeping, waking up, eating and drinking, his attention gets stuck in GOD. He dedicates his life to GOD and thus he presents himself to GOD for a union with GOD.

If we have an inclination for GOD, then we should consider it as the mercy of GOD only. GOD showers this mercy when the creature moves one step towards GOD. When the creature moves away from the world and concentrates his attention on GOD, then GOD showers His mercy on him. Devotion arises in his life and he moves forward on the path of devotion to attain GOD.

It is the greatest mercy of GOD on the creature that GOD opens His doors for the creature to come towards Him. It is the simple mercy of GOD that anyone gets wealth, property, glory, prestige and beauty. But the greatest mercy of GOD is that he gets the devotion that leads him to the door of GOD.

Therefore, the creature should always try to achieve this great mercy of GOD in his life. For this he needs to take his first step towards GOD. As the first step is moved towards GOD, GOD, who is the ocean of mercy and who does not delay in showering mercy, He blesses that creature and brings him near to Him through devotion.

English Translation done by Sheelnidhi Gupta