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Written with divine inspiration by ChandraShekhar Karwa

SYNOPSIS: There are so many favors of GOD on us that we should undertake a vow of singing the glory of GOD during our entire lifespan. Singing the glory of GOD is also very blissful for us and it leads to our ultimate welfare. READ THE FULL ARTICLE BELOW -

In singing the praise and glory of GOD we should definitely put the full and best possible efforts of our intellect and ability. Then too, the feeling of dissatisfaction and discontentment should always remain in our mind.

All the Scriptures, sages and saints have sung the glory of GOD. Even Shri Vedji while singing the glory of GOD has said “infinite” and becomes quiet. It is not at all possible for anyone to sing the glory of GOD in totality.

If there is anyone who is worthy of praise in this world then it is only GOD. If the entire Mother Earth becomes paper and the entire water of Shri Samudradevji (ocean) becomes ink then too they will be quite insufficient for even narrating the smallest fraction of the qualities of GOD.

In the Scriptures, there are several praises of GOD sung by various sages, saints and devotees. Shri BhishmPitamahji sang the Shree VishnuSahastranaam praise while lying on the bed of arrows when GOD came there to give him His vision at his last moment. He sang the praise of GOD by taking His one thousand names and then his soul united with GOD.

In Shrimad Bhagwatji Mahapuran and in Shri RamCharitManasji and in other Holy Scriptures we will find so many praises of GOD sung by Deities, sages, saints and devotees. When GOD took incarnation as GOD Shree Ramji and GOD Shree Krishnaji then the Deities also came and sang the birth praise.

We should also sing the praise and glory of GOD as per our intellect and capability. This is a form of devotion. A true devotee never sings the glory of anyone in this world but he only and only sings the glory of GOD. A true devotee still remains unsatisfied after singing the praise of GOD and thinks that his intellect is so less and the virtues of GOD are so many that he is totally incapable of even thinking of doing it, far from praising GOD completely.

When devotee Shri Dhruvji meditated for the attainment of GOD and when GOD appeared before him then he wanted to sing the praise of GOD. But he could not even utter a single word from his mouth. GOD understood his emotions and then GOD touched His divine conch to his cheek, by which his knowledge was awakened and he sang the divine praise of GOD.

Even if we are not able to initiate the praise of GOD by ourselves, we should read the various praises of GOD as available in the Holy Scriptures and memorize the praise which we love most and recite the same every day before GOD during worship.

GOD comes under the influence of the devotee by the sincere praise sung by a true heart. Therefore, we should make a regular routine and make it an integral part of our daily life to sing the glory and praise of GOD.

GOD has given us birth in the human species, has given us breath and has done uncountable favors for us. Keeping all those favors in mind, we should practice to regularly sing the glorification of GOD and keep praising GOD regularly in life.

English Translation done by Sheelnidhi Gupta