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Written with divine inspiration by ChandraShekhar Karwa

SYNOPSIS: The creature only has an eternal relationship with GOD. GOD gives full freedom to the creature and sends them to the world. But the creature that does not get engaged in illusion and in the world and keeps the goal of attaining GOD through devotion becomes very dear to GOD. READ FULL ARTICLE BELOW -

A bird that is imprisoned in a cage and if the door of that cage is opened, it will fly out. But the bird lived with us for a long time and we used to love it and give food to it. Because of this love, if it comes back in the cage by itself after some time of flying out, then we will feel very happy. We will think that the bird loves us so much and because of that even after getting freedom, it came back by its own self and by its own wish. Even after getting freedom it still wants to live in our love bondage.

Similarly, GOD has liberated us by sending us into the world and if we do not get entangled in the illusion (Maya) and come back to the love-cage of GOD on our own self then how good GOD will feel about it. GOD has given us true freedom and has sent us into this world. We can live our lives in the world and in the midst of illusion. Most people also do so. But there are very rarely few true and loving devotees of GOD who abandon this world and the illusion and come back in the contiguity of GOD through devotion.

A true devotee is never affected by this world and by illusion. They cross the illusion and the world and come back in the contiguity of GOD. We can see a live example of this in Bhagwati Meera Bai’s life. Even after getting married to a royal family, the pleasure of the palace, servants, clothes and ornaments could not bind her. She wanted to devote her life to the love of GOD and she abandoned everything and came to Shri Vrindavanji. She lived her life in the love of GOD by abandoning the world and the illusion. It was a big examination to abandon the pleasure of queenship and the palace but she succeeded in it because of her devotion. Her devotion was mature and during her end-time GOD gave her His visualization and took her to His dwelling with her body.

We are also free to fly in the world but if we are not affected by the illusion and make up our mind to live in the contiguity of GOD then GOD will be very pleased with us. The individual soul is the part of Universal Soul (GOD). GOD wants that the individual soul and the Universal Soul should remain together but illusion comes in the middle and takes the individual soul away from Universal Soul. This is the work of illusion and it does it very well. But if the creature becomes careful due to his intellect and wisdom and seeks the contiguity of GOD by escaping from the effect of illusion, then his welfare becomes assured.

After the bird is freed from the cage, we feel happy at the return of the bird to the cage because it makes us easily understand that it has a true love for us. Similarly, by abandoning the world and the illusion, whoever comes back in the contiguity of GOD, that creature becomes very dear to GOD because GOD understands that such creature truly loves GOD.

Therefore, the creatures should not be influenced by the world and by illusion and should always keep their inclination towards GOD. GOD waits for such creatures and eagerly awaits to receive them. GOD loves every creature but if that creature also loves GOD then GOD gets very pleased.

English Translation done by Sheelnidhi Gupta