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Written with divine inspiration by ChandraShekhar Karwa

SYNOPSIS: On the strength of intellect provided by GOD, human invents or makes progress in the field of science. Intellect provided by GOD is the biggest grace of GOD on humans. READ FULL ARTICLE BELOW -

Human beings become proud because of the intellect provided by GOD. He becomes proud of his ability which is absolutely wrong. The intellect is not our own, it is provided by GOD. On the basis of that intelligence provided by GOD, we invent and make new discoveries in the field of science and make progress and thereby develop pride in our ability.

Where did our ability come from ? It has come from the power of intellect provided by GOD. If GOD did not give intellect to man, then he could not have done anything. Therefore, we should not be proud of the progress made on basis of our intellect but instead, we should have a sense of gratitude towards GOD.

Today we make supercomputers and robots on the power of science. But behind this invention, it is human intelligence which is provided by GOD. GOD did not give intellect to animals like humans, so animals cannot make any invention of science. If GOD did not give intellect to humans like animals, then humans also could not have done anything.

When this ego comes to our mind that we have made a lot of progress in the field of science on the basis of the intellect provided by GOD, then we should think that do we have the ability to conduct the operation of an eye of an ant made by GOD or have tools for doing so. GOD has created many creatures that are even smaller than the ant, which is not visible even to the eyes. GOD also nurtures such creatures as bacteria that are not visible to the eyes. GOD also indirectly treats the pain of the eye, stomach and other organs of an ant. Can we do this ? Even after so much progress in science, we cannot do such a thing.

We still have no capacity and will have no capacity in front of GOD even after 1000 years or 10000 years of development. Our ability was negligible, is negligible and will ever remain negligible in front of GOD.

We should always be aware of this fact, then only the ego of our ability will not grow. Whenever we make some new invention or scientific progress, then we should just think that on whose strength it has been done ? That scientific progress or invention took place on the strength of our intelligence provided by GOD.

We do everything on the basis of the intellect provided by GOD, therefore the credit of that progress or invention only goes to GOD. The human being only becomes the medium but the true credit of that progress or invention only goes to GOD.

Therefore the creature should not be overproud of his ability and should always be indebted to GOD by considering the intellect given by GOD as the greatest compassion of GOD on the human. The true devotee never regards any achievement of his own but always gives its credit to GOD because he knows that he is only the medium.

English Translation done by Sheelnidhi Gupta