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Written with divine inspiration by ChandraShekhar Karwa

SYNOPSIS: We should develop the art of visualizing the grace of GOD in every event of our life. As much as our devotion will be intensified, we will be able to optimally visualize the grace of GOD everywhere. READ THE FULL ARTICLE BELOW -

The true devotee is never ready to believe that there is some eligibility or some competence in him. He only visualizes the compassion and grace of GOD everywhere.

It is a sign of the true devotee that he always visualizes the compassion and grace of GOD everywhere. See, for example, that a loved one of that devotee is hospitalized due to illness. That devotee will not endorse his faith in the doctor and medicine. He will only treat them as a worldly medium but he will believe only and only in the grace of GOD. If medicine does its work then too he will not treat it as an achievement of the medicine or doctor but he will see the grace of GOD in the medicine. He will believe that GOD has showered His grace and by the means of medicine, the patient got relief.

Even the true devotee sees that the devotion undertaken by him is the result of the grace of GOD. Because he believes that he has no competence to undertake the devotion of GOD, he has no such fortune that the devotion of GOD can be undertaken by him but it is only the grace of GOD that he is able to walk on the devotional path. This feeling will never generate inside him that he has served GOD, on the contrary, he will generate the emotion that GOD has showered the grace and gave him the opportunity to serve Him and accepted his service.

A devotee knows the art to visualize the grace of GOD in all things and everywhere. As we learn to visualize the grace of GOD, our devotion and love towards GOD increases. We intensely start feeling and experiencing the grace of GOD every time and everywhere around us.

In big things, the grace of GOD is visualized by many people. For example, a person is going somewhere by a vehicle and any major accident happened and he narrowly escaped then he will treat it as GOD’s grace. But the difference between him and a devotee is that a devotee develops the ability to visualize the grace of GOD in every little thing.

If we start visualizing the grace of GOD in even small events then only we should consider that our devotion is proved. We can clearly see this in the life of devotees and saints that they have visualized the grace of GOD in every big, small, good and bad incident. The son of the devotee Shri Narsi Mehtaji died at a young age even then he saw GOD’s grace in it and he worshipped GOD with greater intensity on that day. It is the sign of a true devotee that he does not see anything else other than the grace of GOD. He is always able to discover the grace of GOD in every event.

We should also develop the vision of visualizing GOD's grace everywhere. As much as we will start to visualize the grace of GOD, the grace of GOD will multiply in our life.

Visualizing GOD's grace every time is a form of devotion. We must know the art to visualize the grace of GOD in every favorability and unfavourableness. A true devotee sees GOD's grace everywhere and always offers thanks to GOD for that.

English Translation done by Sheelnidhi Gupta