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Written with divine inspiration by ChandraShekhar Karwa

SYNOPSIS: The way to reach GOD is very accessible when we attain the grace of GOD. It is essential that we do not get involved in illusion and succeed in earning the grace of GOD. READ THE FULL ARTICLE BELOW -

The way to reach GOD is very difficult if we are not able to attain the grace of GOD. But this difficulty gets eased when we receive the grace of GOD. GOD blesses us with His grace when the creature makes up his mind and takes the first step to reach GOD. On taking the first step, GOD showers His grace and the creature gradually reaches GOD by climbing the stairs of GOD’s grace.

Illusion (Maya) comes in the way to reach GOD. Illusion affects us and we go astray. The dazzle of illusion is such that it attracts us.

Our eyes should look at the form of GOD but illusion shows our eyes the beautiful scene of the world. Our ears should listen to the pastimes of GOD and the hymn of GOD but illusion makes us listen to modern music and wasteful worldly discussions. Illusion thus affects every part of our body and takes us away from GOD.

The creature engages his precious human life in earning money and raising his family. He does not have time for GOD. In this way, the path to reach GOD becomes very difficult for him. The attachment of the world becomes so much that he cannot progress on the path that leads to GOD.

But then some Holy scripture, some religious discourse, some saint does the work of awakening him. Sometimes, distress comes in his life such as loss in business or the death of a loved one etc., etc which leads him to turn away from the world and turn towards GOD.

Illusion again tries to drag him back into the world. But if that creature takes a step towards GOD, then GOD intervenes and bestows His grace on him. Then illusion runs like a fog after sunrise. After the intervention of GOD, the effect of illusion ends forever.

If the creature moves one step towards GOD, then GOD takes many steps towards the creature. GOD always waits for the creature to move towards GOD and make his mind to come in the contiguity of GOD. Once the creature makes up his mind then the grace of GOD works to bring him to GOD.

There is no capability of the creature to reach GOD on his own strength. He has to take the help of the grace of GOD, only then he can reach GOD.

GOD is always ready to shower His grace on the creature but we do not move forward to receive that grace. As we move forward, the grace of GOD does its work and becomes a means to lead us to GOD.

Therefore, in whatever stage of life we are in, we must take the first step towards GOD without delay. The way to reach GOD is very difficult as well as very easy too. If we are entangled in illusion, then it is very difficult but if we get the grace of GOD then the path to reach GOD is very easy.

English Translation done by Sheelnidhi Gupta