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Written with divine inspiration by ChandraShekhar Karwa

SYNOPSIS: Achieving GOD’s compassion is utterly necessary in life. By the compassion of GOD favorability comes in life and remains steadfast and non favorability is removed. READ FULL ARTICLE BELOW -

Whatever is good in your life, good event, good relationship, good business etc everything is on the strength of GOD's compassion. We should always express gratitude for this compassion and regularly pray to the GOD because the moment favorability is removed, non favorability is ready to invade.

Similarly, whatever is bad in our lives, whatever sorrow, pain we have is due to being deprived of the grace of GOD. On the strength of prayer as the ray of the grace of GOD will touch the sorrow, and pain than that evil, sorrow and pain will not be able to endure. Just like darkness cannot stand before the rays of the Shri SuryaDevji (Sun GOD), similarly evil, sorrow and pain cannot stand before the compassion of the GOD.

Praying to GOD continuously in the state of happiness and misery is therefore imperatively mandatory. Because without prayer our favorability will not come and non favorability will be removed.

We should pray because GOD has given birth to us as a human from the womb of the mother. GOD has sent nectar like milk before our birth in mother's breasts. GOD has appointed mother and father for doing our welfare by providing them with affection. GOD has given us a healthy body. GOD has given us wisdom in the brain and given us the understanding of good and evil. GOD has given us a good family, good business and good reputation in life. For all these compassion, we should pray to the GOD regularly and should show our gratitude. By continuing to pray regularly, this favorability will be maintained regularly.

But if there are bad things in our lives such as bad health, bad behavior, bad thinking and sadness and suffering like the misery of the family, the misery of business then too we should pray regularly to GOD because all these evils, sorrows and pain are due to being deprived of the compassion of the GOD. It is not that GOD does not shower compassion on us, but we have not been able to achieve the eligibility to accept that compassion. Just like the waves of the internet are everywhere, but we need a password to catch it, similarly, the compassion of the GOD is everywhere, but a devotional password is needed to get it. If we are able to adopt the waves of GOD’s compassion into our lives, our evil, suffering and pain will not be able to endure in our lives.

The person who is worshiping GOD in both the state of happiness and sorrow, his ominous are automatically destroyed and auspiciousness descends into his life. GoswamiTulsidasji has stated the same thing in the immortal verse “Mangal Bhavan Amangal Hari”of Shri Ramcharitmanasji. GOD is the supreme provider of auspiciousness and defeater of ominous.

The simplest means to adopt GOD’s compassion in life is devotion. On the strength of devotion, we can immediately achieve GOD’s compassion. There are many such devotees who have received the compassion of the GOD on the strength of devotion. There is no other simple mean in this modern era (Kaliyug), then devotion to receive the compassion of GOD.

We should pray to the GOD that we receive the donation of devotion. Whenever GOD Shree Ramji got pleased, GOD Shree Hanumanji always asked for His donation of devotion. There is a context in Shri Sundarkandji that when GOD Shree Hanumanji came back and remained pride free then Shri Jaamvantji told the incident of burning of Lanka and search of Bhagwati Mother Sitaji to GOD Shree Ramji then GOD Shree Ramji told that I can never be debt free of Shree Hanumanji. GOD Shree Ramji asked GOD Shree Hanumanji to ask for a boon, then GOD Shree Hanumanji asked GOD Shree Ramji for His devotion.

We should also devotionally worship GOD to bring the GOD's compassion into our life. If the compassion of GOD will come into life, then favorability will come in life and non favorability will be removed from our lives. Therefore, this prayer should be done in the life that we should surely get the donation of devotion in this human life. The donation of devotion is the greatest donation given by GOD. There is no greater competence than devotion in any other means. Therefore, we should pray to the GOD that we get the donation of devotion so that compassion of GOD is received in life and favorability remains steadfast and non favorability gets removed.

English Translation done by Sheelnidhi Gupta

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