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Written with divine inspiration by ChandraShekhar Karwa

SYNOPSIS: When we make a relation with GODFATHER through devotion, GOD takes the responsibility of all our problems. If we start remembering GOD, GOD takes care of all our concerns. READ FULL ARTICLE BELOW -

A worldly father is concerned about his son. It is natural. The secret behind it is that for the worry, the necessary attachment and affection for the son is also given by GOD. But when the worldly father in entangled in business problems or his health concern overtakes him, then the focal point shifts from his son to his business or health.

But the focal point of ALMIGHTY GODFATHER is always His devotees because in one form He always keeps His focus on His devotees. By the strength of devotion we can tie GOD that He only and only stays with us in one form. This can only be done by GOD. Only GOD has the capability to do this. A lively example of this is the context of MahaRaas where originally there was one GOD and many Gopies but then GOD took so many forms as there were Gopies. As many Gopies, GOD took as many forms. A worldly father is divided among his four sons but GOD is never divided amidst His uncountable devotees because He stays with them all in one form.

Much more than the worldly father, our GODFATHER is concerned for us. A worldly father despite his wish cannot help his sons beyond a particular extend. He has a limitation but GOD has no limitation. GOD can do and He does so much good that we cannot even imagine.

Therefore we must make a much bigger relation with GODFATHER than our worldly father because He is the Father of all our births.

The relation between a worldly father and a son is like that of dust particles of the soil of a desert. Two dust particles were together then wind blew and one dust particle went flying somewhere and the other dust particle went in a different direction. Likewise the relation of a son and father of one birth does not stand in the next birth just as the wind disturbs the union of two dust particles, likewise death destroys the union of two creatures. Like due to wind the first dust particle flew to a new place and had a union with a new dust particle, similarly after the death in a new birth a creature enters into a new relation with another creature.

But it is only the GODFATHER whose union is available in every birth and remains constant birth after births. Therefore we must establish a union with GOD through devotion and must develop such eligibility that GOD stays with us in one form.

Whosoever is able to do so, GOD takes his responsibility. The saints have in clear words said that the work of a creature is to remember GOD with devotion and the work of GOD is to be concerned for the devotee. GOD does His work nicely but it is the creature who distance himself from devotion. He leaves the remembrance of GOD and remembers worldly relations and things.

GODFATHER is concerned for us and we need no evidence for it. Saints have said that GOD observes a small black ant in a black coal mine in a black new moon night and is concerned for it. A creature is a part of GOD and therefore GOD is always concerned about His part. Like our hand is our body part and we are always concerned that it never gets hurt similarly all creatures are the part of GOD therefore whosoever undertakes devotion of GOD, GOD is fully concerned for him.

A worldly father cannot be concerned for us beyond a certain limit. If some big concerns come to him, he leaves our worry but GOD is always concerned for us because there cannot be any worry which can come to GOD. GOD is beyond concerns, GOD is beyond calamity, and GOD is beyond problems. Concerns, calamities and problems affect the worldly creatures but they do not affect GODFATHER.

Therefore thoroughly and always we must develop a permanent relation through devotion with GOD who is concerned for us. This is our duty as well as we must do it to express our gratitude. If we are able to develop a relation with GODFATHER than our welfare would be ensured for births and births together because GOD will be concerned for us in all births.

English Translation vetted by Sheelnidhi Gupta

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