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Written with divine inspiration by ChandraShekhar Karwa

SYNOPSIS: We must undertake devotion of GOD in our human life so that we are blessed with GOD’s compassion and mercy which will make our human life significant. READ FULL ARTICLE BELOW -

The first divine eye of GOD is that of compassion and the second divine eye is that of mercy. The work of both of them is to shower compassion and mercy. Wherever GOD sees with His divine eyes, He showers compassion and mercy. Whenever GOD sees someone with His divine eyes, that person receives His blessing of compassion and mercy.

It is the nature of GOD to shower compassion and mercy. Whosoever creature GOD sees He sees him with His vision of compassion and mercy.

Through devotion, we only need to become eligible enough for GOD to focus His vision on us. We must bring that eligibility that GOD can focus His vision on us. Like in a school if a student educates himself well and fetches good numbers then He comes in the eyes of the teacher, similarly when we undertake devotion and perform good deed then the vision of GOD falls on us.

When GOD’s vision will rest on us we will automatically be showered with compassion and mercy. GOD sees every creature with a sense of visionary.

One saint had said that GOD showers equal compassion and mercy on all creatures. But we fail in our eligibility to accept it. Like during the time of rainfall there are two pots which are kept at the same place. The first pot is kept straight with its mouth open. The second pot is kept upside down with its mouth closed. Now equal rain falls on both. The first pot, the mouth of which is open, will receive water whereas the second pot lying nearby which has a closed mouth will not receive a single drop of water. Likewise, the creature who comes near GOD by undertaking devotion receives the showers of compassion and mercy. But the creature who remains away from GOD is not able to receive the shower of compassion and mercy of GOD.

Therefore a creature must remain close to GOD by undertaking devotion. Devotion brings the eligibility in that creature that he can receive the compassion and mercy of GOD.

GOD’s third eye is deadly. When He opens His third eye and sees anyone that creature is gripped by death. All of us know the narration of the incident when LORD of LORDS Shree Mahadevji opened His third eye and Shri Kamdevji was turned into ashes.

In this way, GOD has two eyes which are of compassion and mercy while the third eye is deadly. The eyes of compassion and mercy are always kept open by GOD. The deadly eye is kept closed. When it is required only then the deadly eye is opened by GOD. But GOD always keeps the eyes of compassion and mercy open which means that He always showers compassion and mercy.

The devotion arouses such attraction in a devotee that the vision of GOD automatically gets focused on him. When the vision of GOD goes on a devotee the shower of compassion and mercy automatically happens.

We must only make this aim in life that because of devotion and good deeds we come in the vision of GOD. Our welfare immediately happens the moment GOD looks at us.

Like a father sees his newborn child with compassion and mercy similarly GODFATHER sees His devotees with the vision of compassion and mercy.

If we are able to focus on GOD and we are able to see GOD instead of the world our welfare will happen. This is only possible through devotion. When the eyes of devotee rest on GOD, the vision of GOD gets focused on the devotee. Upon the focus of vision of GOD, there is a shower of compassion and mercy and the devotee’s welfare is ensured by receiving the compassion and mercy.

Therefore without delay, we must bring devotion in life so that we receive the eligibility of being blessed with the vision of GOD. When we receive the vision of GOD it is the greatest achievement of human life. If we are not able to receive the vision of GOD then we must assume that we have wasted our human life. Therefore to get the vision of the divine eyes of GOD focused on us we must immediately undertake the devotional means.

English Translation vetted by Sheelnidhi Gupta

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