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Written with divine inspiration by ChandraShekhar Karwa

SYNOPSIS: By devotion, if we bring GOD in life then as shadow of GOD, good virtues and goodness would come in our life. READ FULL ARTICLE BELOW -

If we try to bring good virtues and goodness one by one in life then even in our whole life span we would not be able to bring good virtues and goodness in full. But if by devotion we are able to bring GOD in life then good virtues and goodness with automatically come in full form since they are the shadow of GOD.

Therefore if we want to bring good virtues and goodness in life then by devotion we must bring GOD in life. All good virtues and goodness will automatically come in life.

It is very difficult to cultivate good virtues and goodness in the modern era. It is the effect of the modern era that good virtues do not remain stable in life. A person knows that by speaking lie he generates sin but still in his daily routine he speaks lie many a time. It becomes a habit to speak lies. Similarly, a creature knows that stealing is a sin but still a businessman steals tax and commits fraud of money to steal tax.

But when due to devotion GOD comes in life then automatically falsehood and stealing stops. In life, non-violence, morality and other similar good virtues settles in.

All good virtues are the shadow of GOD. Wherever GOD goes they accompany Him. Like if we go somewhere we do not have to call our shadow, it automatically comes, similarly, wherever GOD goes, good virtues which are His shadow, do not have to be called, they automatically accompany Him.

When we look in the life of any saint we will see that before the union with GOD they had evils but after union with GOD, good virtues automatically developed within them. A lively example is that of Shri Valmikiji who was a dacoit and used to do the robbery in the forest. Saint of Deities Shri Naradji once came there and gave him the mantra of RAM-RAM. Shri Valmikiji was not able to pronounce the mantra of RAM. The word RAM did not come out of his mouth. Then Saint of Deities Shri Naradji asked him to reverse the mantra and pronounce Mara-Mara (which means Killed). By pronouncing Mara-Mara, RAM-RAM started coming from his mouth and Shri Valmikiji got into a union with GOD. Devotion awakened in him and he became a sage from a dacoit. All good virtues one by one awakened in him.

The second thing which happens when we bring GOD in life is that demerits and evils automatically run away the moment GOD comes in our life. Here too when we see the example of Shri Valimikiji we can see that falsehood, stealing, violence and similar demerits and evils automatically disappeared when he had a union with GOD.

The conclusion is that when we bring GOD in life, two things happen. Firstly, good virtues and goodness come in life and secondly demerits and evils disappear from life.

Without bringing GOD in life whatever means we adopt, these two things as above would not happen until the end of our life. By bringing GOD in life, without any effort both things automatically happen.

When GOD comes to life a creature undergoes a change and is attracted towards goodness because GOD is pleased with it. He goes away from evils because it would pain GOD.

It becomes the aim of the creature that he keeps GOD happy and does not give Him pain, so he does good deeds and refrains from bad deeds.

Therefore with devotion and without delay, we must try to bring GOD in life so that a big change automatically happens in life. The earlier we bring GOD in life the earlier this change would happen. Therefore we must cultivate the ordination of devotion in childhood stage in children so that they are attached to GOD and good virtues generate from the beginning and evils are stopped.

English Translation vetted by Sheelnidhi Gupta

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