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Written with divine inspiration by ChandraShekhar Karwa

SYNOPSIS: The capability of selfless devotion is so much that GOD comes in the bonding of a devotee. One who undertakes selfless devotion and seeks nothing from GOD and only seeks GOD from GOD is the best. READ FULL ARTICLE BELOW -

Some worship GOD due to fear that nothing ominous happens. Some worship GOD for the fulfillment of desires because they have a longing for money, son, grandson, wealth and grandeur. But GOD looks forward to those devotees who worship GOD due to selfless devotion.

There are a large number of people who worship GOD due to fear. Every Saturday you will find people going to the temple of Shree Shanidevji who go there because of fear that some ominous thing must not happen to them. Some astrologer had injected fear in them that if they do not do so they will continue to face trouble. Such people worship GOD due to fear. There is nothing wrong in it because on any pretext they are atleast worshipping GOD.

In the second lot, there are those persons who worship GOD for the fulfillment of their desires. Someone have a desire for money and wealth, someone have desire for son and grandson, someone have a desire for grandeur and someone have a desire for post and prestige. They know that it is only GOD who can fulfill all their desires. Therefore, for various desires, various people worship GOD. The number of people who worship GOD for fulfillment of their desires is the greatest.

We have seen two categories of people who worship GOD. First is due to fear and second is due to fulfillment of desires. Now let us see that category whose number is very small but which is very dear to GOD.

This category is of those devotees who worship GOD due to selfless devotion. They do not want anything from GOD. They only want GOD from GOD. They do not seek anything from GOD and only seek GOD from GOD. GOD comes in the bonding of such devotees who seek GOD from GOD. Seeking nothing from GOD and only seeking GOD from GOD is the base of their great devotion.

Those who worship GOD due to fear GOD makes him fear free. GOD turns their omen into auspiciousness. GOD fulfills the desires of the one who have desires. These two things GOD does immediately.

But the fulfillment of desire of the one who seeks GOD from GOD due to selfless devotion is a bit difficult because GOD has to come in the bonding of such devotees.

A saint had explained this with a beautiful example. Assume that a very renowned person has landed from an airplane in the airport and is meeting his favorite colleagues. He is busy hugging them and at the same time a beggar comes with his bowl for seeking beggary. The person will immediately draw some coins from his pocket and will give it to the beggar so that he continues to meet his colleagues without being disturbed by the beggar. Similarly when GOD meets His selfless devotees and showers love on them, then the person who comes for seeking fulfillment of desires are given as per their desire so that they do not disturb GOD and GOD continues the contiguity of His selfless devotees.

Selfless devotion is the biggest and best devotion because it is through this devotion that GOD is obligated to come in the bonding of the devotee.

Therefore a creature should only undertake selfless devotion in life. Another reason for it is that GOD is our supreme father. He knows our requirement more than us. Therefore He has declared to uphold and fulfill the requirement of His selfless devotees in Srimad Bhagwat Geetaji.

Let us understand this by a small example. A merchant has two servants. The first one serves him well but demands increment of salary twice or thrice a year. The second one serves him even better and never demands any increment of salary. The merchant will have a soft corner for the second one who serves him more and never seeks anything.

Similarly, GOD bestows His mercy on those who undertakes great devotion and in return seeks nothing from GOD. If we undertake devotion and seek something in return then it does not remain devotion and it becomes a business. It is like this that we have undertaken devotion and have encashed it.

Therefore we must undertake the true devotion which is selfless devotion in which there is no demand from GOD.

English Translation vetted by Sheelnidhi Gupta

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