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Written with divine inspiration by ChandraShekhar Karwa

SYNOPSIS: The capability of GOD cannot be understood by our power of imagination. By devotion, we must learn to visualize the capability of GOD. READ FULL ARTICLE BELOW -

In a small pothole see the thousands of ants. In a radius of one kilometer millions and trillions, ants stay. How capable is GOD for He listens to the call of all. GOD keeps the care of all.

There are uncountable creatures in the world in form of aquatic, terrestrial, subaerial and GOD has lifted the weight of all. GOD had taken the responsibility of all. By this, we can find a small introduction to the capability of GOD.

We must not keep hope from anyone apart from such capable GOD. We must not hold the hand of anyone else.

But we make such blunder in life and keep hope from the world and hold the hand of the world which is extremely wrong.

We must keep hope only of GOD, we must have faith only in GOD. But we keep hope from the worldly people and keep faith from the worldly people. Therefore, at last, we have to repent.

Only GOD can upkeep our faith. No one else has the capability to upkeep our faith.

When our desire are fulfilled the world just becomes a medium but in reality, it is GOD who fulfills our desire. We must be able to visualize the hidden hands of GOD behind every desire that is fulfilled. The one who learns to visualize the hidden hands of GOD behind everything is able to realize the compassion of GOD everywhere.

A lively example is a parable from ShriMahaBharat.The grandson of BhimSenji, Mahabali Shree Barbarikji (who in modern times is worshiped as an incarnation of GOD Shree Krishnaji in ShriKhatuShyamji by name of ShreeShyam Baba) gave the offertory of His head to GOD Shree Krishnaji. Mahabali Shree Barbarikji revealed His intention to view the battle of MahaBharat. After treating His head with nectar, GOD Shree Krishnaji stationed His head on a mountain. Thus He saw the full battle. After the battle was over Yudhisthirji was arrogant about his upholding religion and said the battle was won due to it. Arjunji was arrogant about his bow and arrow and said the battle was won due to it. Bhimsenji was arrogant about his cosh and explained that the battle was won due to it. GOD Shree Krishnaji was seeing all this. GOD gave a smile and said that final decision of this can only be given by Mahabali Shree Barbarikji who has seen the entire battle. All went near Mahabali Shree Barbarikji. Mahabali Shree Barbarikji said the in the battlefield neither I have seen religion, nor I have seen bow and arrow nor I have seen the cosh, all I have seen was that the Shri Sudarshan Chakra of GOD Shree Krishnaji was killing the opponents in the invisible form. This was the real truth of the battle that everything was done by GOD Shree Krishnaji and the Pandavas were just made the mere medium. We must also learn the art to visualize the invisible hand of GOD which Mahabali Shree Barbarikji saw.

After learning this art we will be able to visualize the capability of GOD and therefore all our behavior of life will only happen with GOD. Then we will completely turn towards GOD and will become of GOD. This is the essence of life.

It is earnestly solicited that a creature will do all his behavior with GOD. By keeping GOD in center one who learns the art of doing all his behavior with GOD reaches the pinnacle of human life.

This art can be learned with devotion. A true devotee keeps all his behavior with GOD because he knows the capability of GOD and the invisible hands of GOD.

Devotion teaches us the art to visualize the capability of GOD. The moment we come to know of the capability of GOD we feel attracted towards GOD. After attraction, we form a habit of doing all our behaviors with GOD.

Therefore it is important to understand the capability of GOD. The one who undertakes devotion, is able to visualize the capability of GOD everywhere. He never forgets the capability of GOD. The essence of living a true life is that we are able to remember the capability of GOD.

English Translation vetted by Sheelnidhi Gupta

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