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Written with divine inspiration by ChandraShekhar Karwa

SYNOPSIS: By being small we get the entry in the door of GOD. Therefore to enter the door of GOD we need to melt our egotism and become small. READ FULL ARTICLE BELOW -

Like a man with less height can enter in any door similarly one who makes himself small can enter the door of GOD.

Till we remain big we will not get an entry in the door of GOD. We can only enter the door of GOD by being small.

A saint has summarized this in a beautiful way. Like we cannot board an airplane with heavy luggage and have to limit our luggage similarly we cannot reach GOD with heavy weight. Howsoever light we will become we will have a better chance to reach GOD.

In our weight, the biggest weight is that of egotism. We develop ego due to wealth. We develop ego due to knowledge. We develop ego due to our rank. We develop ego due to status and popularity and even we develop ego for having devotion.

GOD does not like egotism at all. We cannot reach the door of GOD with the weight of egotism. It is foolishness to presume reaching GOD with egotism.

GOD in clear words states to come with light weight to Him then only the door of GOD will open for us.

There are lots of advantages of becoming small. The biggest advantage is that the egotism ends which the biggest hurdle to reach GOD. When we become small our egotism automatically ends. When we consider ourself big then only egotism develops. When we consider ourself small egotism disappears.

A saint instructed a rich, intelligent, and status oriented person to clean a public or a personal temple by sweeping and wiping it. This is a great way to overcome egotism. Because he who has many servants when undertakes service at a public or personal temple his egotism ends. In Shivalaya (temple of LORD SHREE SHIV JI) you will find many devotees undertaking the cleaning of the temple. It is a perfect and great way to curtail egotism.

The biggest devotee Shree Hanumanji also accepted the devotion as bondage servant of GOD. After becoming a bondage servant of GOD there is no place of egotism. When GOD is the master and devotee is the servant then like a servant has no ego and he sweeps and wipes and cleans the used utensils similarly the devotee has no exception in serving GOD. When we undertake all types of service of GOD our egotism melts. As soon as egotism melts we become qualified to reach GOD.

The summary is that when we will become small we will get an entry in the door of GOD else birth after births we will not get entry at the door of GOD.

Therefore a creature must develop a habit of becoming small. For this to happen accepting the service of GOD as bondage servant is a perfect means. We must become a bondage servant of GOD by which automatically we will become small and be devoid of egotism.

The biggest devotee Shree Hanumanji in His character have shown how by becoming a bondage servant of GOD we can become devoid of egotism and can reach GOD. When He was going to Lanka in search of Bhagwati Mother Sitaji then in the ocean Sursa who was sent by Deities came to take an examination of egotism. This was the final exam of egotism. Sursa opened her mouth then Shree Hanumanji increased His body by double, then Sursa again increased the opening of her mouth and Shree Hanumanji again increased His body by double and then He made Himself small and entered the mouth of Sursa and came back. The saints have summarized this episode and said that Shree Hamumanji became big in heroism and then took a small shape and told that the heroism was of His LORD Shree Ramji whereas His capability was as His small shape.

Therefore we must become small and accept the devotion as bondage servant of GOD and try to advance in the path that leads to GOD.

English Translation vetted by Sheelnidhi Gupta

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