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Written with divine inspiration by ChandraShekhar Karwa

SYNOPSIS: The earthly comfort of the world will at last deteriorate. But the Godly ecstasy in the devotion of GOD will increase day by day. READ FULL ARTICLE BELOW -

All the comfort of the world will at last deteriorate like the sensual pleasure and the pleasure of money will deteriorate at last.

For example, the sensual pleasure which a man use to get at an age of 22 will not be there at the age of 65. The pleasure of money for a rich person will deteriorate at last after he has used the money to fulfill all his requirements. How much he will buy from money, how much he will tour, how many times he will visit overseas – at last the pleasure of money will deteriorate. The pleasure of health will also deteriorate on the onset of old age. The pleasure of family life will also vanish when the children will grow old and will go away to lead an independent life. Daughter will go to her in-law house and the son upon getting married will have his own family. The older citizen will be singular and thus the pleasure of family gets diminished. Earlier he was the head of family and his decisions were final. Now his children have taken the front seat and their decision becomes foremost.

In a nutshell, all type of happiness will diminish at the end. This is an eternal principle. All the earthly comforts will have to deteriorate at last.

Now let us talk of the Godly ecstasy which increases day by day. This Godly ecstasy is called devotion. The first thing to consider here is that devotion is the name of ecstasy and not happiness. Happiness is the first stair of ecstasy and ecstasy is the highest pedestal of happiness. In the world, we can find happiness but we cannot find ecstasy because ecstasy is not there in the world.

A saint narrated a very interesting tale. He said that when GOD installed the earth over water then He raised His divine lotus feet and from His divine lotus feet fame, happiness, grandeur, splendor went to the earth. But one thing did not leave GOD’s divine lotus feet. It remained stuck in the divine lotus feet of GOD. Goddess who was in service of the divine lotus feet of GOD watched carefully and came to know that ecstasy did not leave the divine lotus feet of GOD and remained stuck there. Therefore we will not find ecstasy in the world.

To get ecstasy the means is devotion. With devotion, the ecstasy increases day by day. The ecstasy which the devotee use to get at the age of 22 increases many folds upon maturity of devotion at the age of 45 and it will increase much more times at the age of 65 when ecstasy will reach its pinnacle. Near to his final stage, the devotion will continue to provide ecstasy.

The principle is clear that the happiness of the world gets diminished and only the ecstasy of devotion increases day by day.

Therefore we must forego the earthly comfort and must get involved in GOD’s devotion which has the capability to provide ecstasy till last.

But human are generally engaged in worldly comfort and till the last remain engaged in it. At last, his happiness deteriorates and he loses the battle of his life.

We must associate with GOD through devotion so that we can experience the ecstasy which is hidden in the divine lotus feet of GOD. The more our head will bow at the divine lotus feet of GOD due to devotion, the more we will receive ecstasy from there.

Once we have tasted ecstasy we will lose the urge to run after earthly happiness. One who has tasted sweet mango will not taste tart Neem (Azadirachta indica). Similarly, when we have experienced the Godly ecstasy due to devotion we will lose the urge for earthly happiness.

We must do our homework for older age. We must think that do we want the decreased quantity of earthly happiness or increased dose of Godly ecstasy. Like we employ our wealth in such a way that we get an increased amount in our old age, similarly, we must invest our time in devotion so that we get an increased dose of Godly ecstasy in our older age.

We need to take the devotional path at a young age so that we can experience ecstasy and the ecstasy keeps increasing day by day and till our older age it reaches its pinnacle.

English Translation vetted by Sheelnidhi Gupta

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