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Written with divine inspiration by ChandraShekhar Karwa

SYNOPSIS: With devotion we must always try to get closer to GOD. To bring GOD in life with devotion should be the objective of life. READ FULL ARTICLE BELOW -

Just as we cannot assume that we had a glimpse of GOD idol when we visit a pilgrimage because we have to go to the temple and have to stand near the GOD idol to have a glimpse. Similarly, when we bond with GOD we are able to visualize GOD’s kindness in life.

Like in a temple the GOD idol is situated in a dome and we have to walk in front of it, similarly we have to walk on the road that leads to GOD and thereby come in front of GOD. What is this road to GOD- it is devotion. When devotion comes in life, then only the life becomes blessed.

Life engaged here and there will lead to our downfall. Life engaged in the divine lotus feet of GOD due to devotion will lead to our upliftment and at last will free us from the cycle of birth and death.

We must attain devotion in life and reach closer to GOD. As we come closer to GOD our life becomes holy, the evils discard us and the goodness comes in our life. It is a principle that when we come under the shadow of GOD, the evils have to run away and the goodness has to come to life.

With devotion when we bring GOD in life the people of Kaliyug (modern era) have behaved like those of Satyug (Holy era) and when we distance away from GOD in our life the people of Satyug, Treta and Dwapar (older era) have behaved like those of Kaliyug. Ravan, Kans, Hiranyakashyapu etc are examples of it.

The principle is clear that when we bring GOD in life, then GOD’s kindness unfolds and the demerits of the era (like modern era) do not affect us. On the contrary, when we move away from GOD the goodness and good behavior of the era also goes away. Like the goodness of Satyug, Treta and Dwapar (older era) did not come in the evil persons born in that era because they distanced themselves away from GOD.

The best example is that of Hiranyakashyapu and Bhakt Prahladji. In the same era and in the same demon family being father and son saw the downfall of one and the upliftment of the other. The upliftment was such great that apart from Sri Prahladji, GOD blessed the coming generations of the demon family with fearlessness. In the same generation in the case of King Bali the GOD who is a giver became a seeker and graced him with honor and respect.

What was the reason for downfall of Hiranyakashyapu- he led away from GOD. He didn’t accept GOD.What was the reason for upliftment of Sri Prahladji- he brought GOD in life. This was the reason that Hiranyakashyapu did not see GOD anywhere, whereas Sri Prahladji was able to visualize GOD everywhere. When Hiranyakashyapu asked that was GOD present in the pillar Sri Prahladji without any hesitation said that he was visualizing GOD in the pillar. When Hiranyakashupu broke the pillar with his bludgeon to upkeep the voice of a devotee, GOD appeared from the pillar.

Whosoever has sought GOD in life, he has experienced GOD’s kindness due to which he had found upliftment and respect in life. There is a big list- Bhagwati Meera Bai, The Five Pandavas, Sri Narsi Mehta, Bhakt Sudamaji, Sri Dhruvji, Sant Tulsidasji, Bhakt Surdasji – the list is so long that it is impossible to write it.

Therefore, we should attain devotion in life and go closer to GOD. To bring GOD in life and to make our life Godly should be the aim of life. Whosoever devotees have done so have been blessed and whosoever evils have not done so have led to their downfall.

If we have to make our life successful, we have to go closer to GOD. There is no other alternative. To bring GOD in life is the victory of human life, is the success of human life and is also the objective of human life. Therefore, with devotion we must always try to get closer to GOD.

English Translation vetted by Sheelnidhi Gupta

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