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Written with divine inspiration by ChandraShekhar Karwa

SYNOPSIS: Lose everything in the life but do not ever lose GOD. If GOD remains in life, then all the lost things will return back. But if we lose GOD we have lost everything. READ FULL ARTICLE BELOW -

There is a proverb that if you have lost money you have lost less, if you have lost health you have lost something more and if you have lost character you have lost everything.

With spiritual viewpoint, we must understand it thus. If you have lost money you have lost very less, if you have lost health you have lost very less, if you have lost character still you have lost very less but if you have lost GOD from your life you have lost everything.

Why so? Because the key of wealth lies in hand of GOD. GOD’s cashier is Shri Kuberji. Whosoever the owner will order the cashier will give him the wealth. The GODDESS of wealth MOTHER LAXMI is in service of GOD and obeys GOD’s will. Wherever GOD goes, MOTHER follows Him. When we do the service of GOD SHREE NARAYAN, GODDESS LAXMI automatically comes in our life. We do not require calling Her separately. In form of LAXMINARAYAN, MOTHER LAXMI comes with GOD NARAYAN automatically. With this it is clear that the key of wealth lie in GOD’s hand.

The key of health also lies with GOD. We can take medicine, we can take treatment, but the wellbeing and the success of treatment lie with GOD. Very famous doctor after doing a tough surgery when briefs the relatives of the patient points one finger upward towards GOD. There message is clear that we have done our work what will happen next, only GOD knows. Because they do not know what will happen to the patient in ICU after a difficult surgery. Good cases succumb to death and very serious and difficult patients revive with miracles. Doctors generally see that good cases succumb to death and the lost cases revive. Therefore, good doctors point one finger towards GOD and give a clear signal that giving treatment is our job, but giving health is the job of GOD. With this it is clear that the key of health lie in GOD’s hand.

Similarly the key of character lies in the hand of GOD. With GOD’s mercy in life our character would remain unblemished. One clear principle is that if we upkeep GOD’s mercy in our life, then our character would remain unblemished. If the character of someone is blemished due to past deeds than too the name of GOD restores it back. Saint Ajamilji’s tale is a live example of this. Saint Ajamilji was a priest, who performed daily rituals and prayers. He saw a bad scene and degenerated. He discarded his parents and wife from the home and started staying with prostitutes. The villagers boycotted him and threw him out of the village. One saint insisted him to name his next son as NARAYAN (It is one of the name of GOD). He obeyed and it became a habit in life to call his son by name. In his last time when he saw the messenger of death, he called his son’s name in fear. GOD’s messenger came and saved him from the messenger of death with the plea that he had taken the name of GOD. He was saved from going to hell. Then, seeing the glory of GOD’s name he recouped his lost character and became a devotee of GOD. From the bottom stage of a lost character by taking GOD’s name (that too for calling his son) in his last stage, how he regained his character can be seen here. With this it is clear that the key of character lie in GOD’s hand.

Therefore, lose everything in life but do not lose GOD, never betray GOD. If GOD is in our life that as a magician creates a bunch of flowers from a ball spontaneously, GOD too takes us from the bottom to pinnacle.

Who is a bigger magician than GOD. If we look at the universe with the eye of science our mind would be trapped in logic and principles, but if we see the universe with the eyes of a devotee we will be able to see the magic of GOD clearly. The oceans, sky, planets, mountains, star, universe all mark the magic of GOD, which is spiritually called as GOD’s grandeur. All stay in rhythm, all are in decorum, and they are a small glimpse of the magic of the greatest Magician.

The magic of GOD will work for us if we keep GOD in our life. Therefore, whatever goes with life, let it go, but stop GOD when He wants to go. All the gone things will automatically be recalled if you have stopped GOD. How will you stop GOD – after committing mistakes, two genuine tears of remorse and a genuine plea not to commit the same mistake (due to which GOD was going) again in life. Also with devotion due to which GOD would not go away from us.

Therefore, we must bring devotion in life due to which we would not lose GOD in our life.

English Translation vetted by Sheelnidhi Gupta

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