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Written with divine inspiration by ChandraShekhar Karwa

SYNOPSIS: In Kaliyug (modern era) if we live with evils but don't imbibe them and still remain pious we become qualified to seek GOD. But this is only possible with devotion. READ FULL ARTICLE BELOW -

Kaliyug (modern era) is the easiest era to seek GOD. Because in this era the goodness has been maligned to a great extend and therefore this era is considered as difficult and so the way to seek GOD has been simplified.

In Kaliyug the evils has domination and therefore whosoever remains pious reaches GOD. Like a lotus which remains in dirty water but does not imbibe the dirt becomes qualified for offering to GOD, similarly if we live with evils and do not imbibe them and remain pious we become qualified to reach GOD.

In Satyug (older era) piousness had domination. All were pious and religious. The evils were few therefore the way to reach GOD was difficult. Why was it so? Because all were good and to identify few goods who had the ability to reach GOD, the process was difficult.

But in Kaliyug the evils have domination. To remain pious in a scenario of evil is very difficult. Because evils easily take us in its fold. To remain in evils and save ourself from evil is very difficult. Therefore whoever is able to do so, automatically qualifies to reach GOD.

To remain good in evil times is only possible with devotion. Devotion purifies us from within, which is reflected outside in our behavior.

The lively example of this is Sri Vibhishan ji. Leaving with evils in Lanka he said to LORD Shree Hanumanji in Sundarkand (Ramayana) that he (Vibhishan) is leaving in Lanka like the tongue which lives between teeth. The tongue has to keep a caution that it does not fall in line of teeth else it will be cut. Likewise, leaving with evils Vibhishan ji kept caution that he does not imbibe evils. What was the reason that Vibhishan ji was able to do that. The only reason was devotion of GOD, which kept the piousness alive in him. This was the reason that GOD accepted him when he surrendered to GOD. GOD said to Vibhishan ji that you live a pious life inspite of evils surrounding you and for this very reason you are very dear to me. GOD crowned him as the king of Lanka. GOD was hesitant and was thinking if He has given less to Vibhishan ji. GOD took the Shakti (ammunition) on Himself, which Ravan fired on Vibhishan ji. See the power of devotion that GOD did not allow a small curse on His devotee.

GOD liked the attitude of Vibhishan ji who remained pious surrounded by evils. Two principles assume importance here. First principle, GOD likes human with pious nature. The second principle, to remain pious the easiest way is devotion.

Therefore, in Kaliyug, we must practice devotion and take the easiest way to reach GOD. To reach GOD in Kaliyug is very easy. We do not need mortification nor any other difficult measures which were extremely necessary in Satyug, Treta and Dwapar (Older eras). In Kaliyug the only thing required is devotion.

Devotion is the simplest and the best measure in Kaliyug which do not go astray.

Devotion mainly does two things. Firstly, it purifies our behavior and let it remain purified. Secondly, due to it, we become qualified to seek GOD. GOD met and took Vibhishan ji in His folds only because his behavior was purified.

Our behavior gives us an indication if our devotion is progressing in the right direction. It must be assumed that the more our behavior becomes purified the deep is our devotion.

To reach GOD it is very necessary that we must be purified and devotion does this work automatically. A true devotee automatically imbibes the ornaments of goodness like non-violence, truth, principles and other goodness.

Therefore, in Kaliyug which is the easiest era to seek GOD, we must practice devotion to reach GOD.

English Translation vetted by Sheelnidhi Gupta

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