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Written with divine inspiration by ChandraShekhar Karwa

SYNOPSIS: Remembering GOD in the final hour saves us from the cycle of birth and death. But for achieving this we have to practice it from the beginning of our life. READ FULL ARTICLE BELOW -

When we make a habit to get up at 4 am, we automatically wake up from our sleep at 4 in the morning. Habit is a permanent thing and the habit we form really happens. Likewise, when we form a habit to remember GOD during lifetime, then it happens automatically in the final hour. We do not have to undertake any special effort for achieving it.

When we remember GOD in the final hour we are absolved from the coming back to earth. We reach the dwelling of GOD from where we do not go into the cycle of birth and death.

What a simple solution to absolve from the cycle of birth and death which we generally ignore. What a simple solution that if we remember GOD during lifetime, we will remember Him in the final hour and would be absolved from coming back to earth. On the contrary, if we have not practiced this during lifetime, then at the final hour, even if our family members pronounce the name of GOD in our ears, sing hymns, chant GOD’s name then too we would not be able to remember GOD.

If we daily practice remembering GOD, then at the final hour without any difficulty we will automatically remember GOD. Otherwise, we will find umpteen examples when the family members have desperately tried to pronounce GOD’s name and have tried to recall GOD’s name but it simply does not happen.

Therefore, we should regularly make a habit to remember GOD so that our last stage is secured and we fulfill the very purpose of human life. What is the purpose of human life – the unification of individual soul with the universal soul and to absolve permanently from the cycle of birth and death. But do we endeavor in this direction.

Whereever our desire would be, we will remember that thing at the final hour. We will be what we remember. In Shrimad Bhagwatji there is a lively example of Jar Bharatji. Jar Bharatji once saved a fawn (deer’s baby) and got trapped in its love. Day in and day out he remembered the fawn. When his last time came, he remembered the fawn and therefore he had to take his next birth in a deer’s body. He was very knowledgeable and was a saint and he could have got salvation, but remembering a wrong thing led him into bondage.

What is the teaching from this tale? The moral is that if we remember a wrong thing in our final hour it will lead to our downfall. At the final hour the remembrance should only and only be of GOD. But this will not happen automatically. We have to endeavor for it in our lifetime to make it happen in the final hour.

Generally human’s desire is trapped in money and wealth, in son and grandsons and he remembers them in the final hour and thus spoils his life. The saints say that if we remember money and wealth in final hour we get the next birth as snake where we have to guard a hidden treasure. His remembrance was for money and wealth and therefore he got the next birth to safeguard money and wealth.

Many are misfortune that in their final hour they are sick and suffer its agony and their concentration is on their illness. Due to it, they do not remember GOD in their final hour.

Therefore, if we have made a habit to remember GOD from the early stage of life than at the final hour without any difficulty we will remember GOD. Then, even if we suffer from the agony of sickness, we will still be able to remember GOD.

If at the final hour we remember GOD our welfare is assured. Then we do not have to take any rebirth and we will directly reach the dwelling of GOD.

Therefore, in our life, we must regularly make a habit to remember GOD. This is the most important and necessary endeavor. In all our life we must remember GOD at every moment and at every stage. This will improve our end and will improve our afterlife.

English Translation vetted by Sheelnidhi Gupta

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