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Written with divine inspiration by ChandraShekhar Karwa

SYNOPSIS: There is a very big difference between the expression “To seek from GOD” and “To seek GOD”. “To seek from GOD” is an ordinary act, but “To seek GOD” is devotion. READ FULL ARTICLE BELOW -

We all need many things from GOD. We all have a long list of demands. When we perform religious offering to GOD and perform the prayer, we seek lots of things in its resolution. We seek lots of things starting from money, wealth, son, grandson, health, fame and grandeur. But how many people are there who seek nothing from GOD, but only seek GOD from GOD.

GOD also waits for such special persons who only seek GOD because in temples there are lot of crowds who have come to seek something from GOD, but there is no one who has only come to seek GOD.

There is a very big difference in those who seek something from GOD and those who seek GOD. To seek something from GOD is an ordinary human life, but to seek GOD is the extreme pinnacle of human life. To seek something from GOD is an ordinary act, but to seek GOD is a unique achievement. If we have sought something from GOD we have lived an ordinary human life, but if we have sought GOD we have touched the pinnacle of human life.

The devotees have only sought from GOD that all their desires are destroyed and no seed of desire germinates in them so that they do not have the need to seek anything from GOD in their lives. Not to seek anything from GOD and to only seek GOD is a very big achievement.

Money, wealth and grandeur are just like soil in the eyes of GOD. There is no delay from GOD in giving them. Do we delay someone who is asking for soil? But when someone seeks GOD than GOD comes in his bondage.

When we seek GOD from GOD than all favorable times, happiness and wealth automatically come with GOD. We do not have to seek them separately. There is an old story. There was a king who was a devotee of GOD. His devotion was true, so GOD practically lived with him in his palace. One day the king committed some mistake. All the noble virtues started leaving him one by one. First fame went, then grandeur went and likewise all the noble virtues deserted him every day one by one. The king was sad, but he did not stop anyone from going. One day the king saw that GOD was leaving him. The king started crying and started repenting for his mistake. Tears of confession came from his eyes. The king has till now not stopped anyone but he stopped GOD and lay down before GOD. GOD had mercy on him and forgave him and stopped from going. The king saw that at that very moment all the noble virtues which had deserted him started coming back one by one without being recalled. The kind understood the signal that all the noble things were the shadow of GOD. Where GOD will reside they will automatically have to come in that place. Fame, grandeur and all such noble virtues which had deserted him came back at their desired place. If the king would have tried to stop the noble virtues no one would have stopped, therefore the king did not stop anyone. The king instead stopped GOD because He is so merciful and compassionate and therefore all the noble virtues were compelled to return.

What is the teaching of the story – if we seek something from GOD, He will supply our need, but if we seek GOD than too our need would be automatically fulfilled by GOD. Therefore, we should not seek anything from GOD, but instead must seek GOD.

The purpose of human life should be to seek GOD from GOD and refrain from seeking anything from GOD. This is called devotion.

There is only a one word difference between the two statements “To seek from GOD” and “To seek GOD”. But this difference is so big that it can bless the human life.

Millions of people seek something from GOD and out of the millions rarely comes someone who only seeks GOD.

True devotion is not in seeking but to refrain from seeking. True devotees do not seek anything from GOD, but they only seek GOD. GOD keeps such devotees on His palm and showers all of Himself on such devotees.

English Translation vetted by Sheelnidhi Gupta

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