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Written with divine inspiration by ChandraShekhar Karwa

SYNOPSIS: The article focus on the right use of human life and compares two lifestyles to identify which is best for us so that our human life becomes successful. READ FULL ARTICLE BELOW -

Two souls got human life. The first soul used the human life to earn lot of wealth, toured the world and spend his life in pomp and show. He did some good deeds, performed ordinary worship and his family was happy and he enjoyed the favorable time. When he grew old, he encountered the problems of old age, and things started turning unfavorable. His body encountered diseases. His wife died and his children started dictating their terms. He breathed his last and his soul left the body and started a new journey.

The donations and good deed he performed and the worship he did in his life led him to enjoy the luxuries of heaven. Then after exhausting it, he went to Hell and was given a torture body. The unaccounted wealth he earned and the sins he committed and the unmoral work he did to encounter competition in business lead him to undergo the torture of hell. After undergoing the torture with the torture body in hell and after getting the soul cleaned he got another birth.

On the strength of his past deeds he may get birth in terrestrial, aquatic, sub aerial and flora body. For example, let us assume that he got birth in an animal body. Becoming animal he experiences fear, needs food and wants sex. Being young, he is afraid that a bigger animal may kill him, after he gets old he has to hunt for food and then with sex he gets trapped into looking after a family. Not once, but he does so in millions of bodies and this cycle of birth and death continues. The cycle of birth and death and heaven and hell continues.

The second soul who got the human body did his worldly affairs, but did not take any special interest in it. Because his interest was in GOD and only GOD. The worldly affairs that he did was done for GOD and was surrendered to GOD. He worshiped and prayed with full heart. He earned money just required for survival and foremost, he earned the satisfaction wealth. The children were favorable and he had a happy family because the whole family was devoted to GOD. When old age came, he did not suffer any major disease. He did not require any service from anybody and laughingly he left his body. He had done his prayers and had performed worship and with devotion had a habit of remembering GOD at all times. Therefore, at the death bed, he continued to remember GOD and therefore got the companionship of GOD when his soul united with the Universal soul. Then there was no cycle birth and death and he was absolved from heaven and hell. He got a place straight in the divine lotus feet of Almighty GOD. He was absolved of millions of birth and death and millions time visit to heaven and hell. The real purpose of human life was fulfilled because human life is for attaining oneness with Almighty GOD.

Both the souls used the human life, but who was the winner. He who found GOD was the winner. If we have earned money, wealth, grandeur and status in life but have failed to find GOD we have lost. On the contrary, if we have failed to earn money, wealth, grandeur and status in life but have found only and only GOD with devotion we are a winner.

What we want depends on us. Do we want to get trapped in millions of bodies or want to be free from birth and death, depends on us. Do we want to experience the happiness and torture of heaven and hell or do we want the companionship of GOD where we get divine elated ecstasy, depends on us.

Therefore, we must keep our life’s direction in such a way that we are able to unite with GOD. This is the most successful use of human life. We have received the human life to fulfill this purpose. If we make our life’s vision that we have to unite with GOD, then only we will take necessary steps in that direction. Otherwise, this life would be wasted and we will then be trapped in the cycle of birth and death and heaven and hell.

Therefore, with devotion we must try to unite with GOD and we must take steps in this direction so that we use the human life to the best.

English Translation vetted by Sheelnidhi Gupta

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