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Written with divine inspiration by ChandraShekhar Karwa

SYNOPSIS: We must cultivate the habit to thank GOD under all circumstances. When we learn to experience GOD’s kindness under all circumstances, then we also start thanking GOD from our heart. READ FULL ARTICLE BELOW -

We must always make a habit to thank GOD. We thank a particular person, but we forget to thank Almighty GOD.

For all favorable times the first thanks must be given to GOD. For all unfavorable times, which we are able to withstand we must thank GOD for giving the power to withstand it. GOD enhances the favorable times and decreases the unfavorable time and hence He must be thanked for it.

Like in a distress when we receive a help from some particular person we must have the vision to see the hidden hand of GOD, then only true thanks will come from our heart for GOD. GOD had clearly said in SriMad Bhagwat Geetaji that it is He who gives everyone everything, someone can become a mediator but the giver is only GOD. Therefore, true thanks must always emerge from our heart only for GOD.

The first thanks to GOD must be given for health because he knows the importance of health who is ill. One who is ill and bedridden and is hoping for recovery knows what illness is and how difficult it is spending time in the bed moving his body from one posture to another. We are healthy and are able to take the next breath and therefore GOD must be thanked for the same.

If the next breath does not come we will die instantly. If the next breath does not come of a husband than even a wife who had stayed with him for the last 60 years, leaves his corpse. The body which stayed for 60 years is discarded after 6 hours from the house. Therefore, for each breath GOD must be thanked.

The ill person must also thank GOD because there are persons who are more ill than him. Whosoever has a problem of eyes must thank GOD for all other body parts which are functioning normally.

When we see a person more severely ill than us, we are able to understand that our problem is not so miserable. We only think of it and stop there, but we forget to thank GOD. In such situation we must offer our sincere gratitude to GOD.

The best way to thank GOD is to visit the ICU of any Government hospital every month. When we see ill people there we can easily make our mind to thank GOD for our wellness. Once we make up our mind we will form a habit to thank GOD. Then we will form a habit to correlate all instances with GOD and to thank GOD and give Him the credit for all favorable things.

After health the next thanks must be given to GOD for making available food. The third thanks must be given for giving us clothing. The fourth thanks must be given for providing roof and shelter. Just see the misfortune of those who due to ill deeds of past births does not get food of two times, who do not have adequate cloths and who spend the night amidst open sky without any shelter.

For health, for food, for clothing and for shelter, we must thank GOD. But we must not stop here. In all episodes, in all favorable and unfavorable situations we must visualize GOD’s kindness and must form a habit to thank GOD. When we form a habit to thank GOD in life knowingly or unknowingly we will come across so many instances, so many reasons for thanking GOD that we will mesmerized.

The requirement is just to develop the vision to visualize GOD’s kindness. In all episode, in all favorable time, in all unfavorable time we must be able to find GOD’s kindness and if we learn this art we will constantly give thanks to GOD. By doing so, we will be able to make our human life successful.

By freeing us from a difficult position in the mother’s womb, by showering parental love through the mother, by sending nectar like milk in mother’s breast and similarly from birth to death in uncountable instances, we must be able to visualize GOD’s kindness and for all such instances we must thank GOD.

When giving thanks to GOD becomes a habit than our human life becomes successful.

English Translation vetted by Sheelnidhi Gupta

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