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Written with divine inspiration by ChandraShekhar Karwa

SYNOPSIS: When we take all our senses towards GOD they become pure and bring our welfare. The best way to live a good life is to divert all our senses towards GOD and to stay in company of GOD. READ FULL ARTICLE BELOW -

Like a pot which keeps Ganga water (Holy water) is always pure, similarly all things attached to the service of GOD are pure. Like our hands (engaged in the daily service of GOD becomes pure), our eyes (engaged daily in viewing GOD becomes pure), our mind (engaged in visualizing GOD becomes pure), our ears (engaged in listening to GOD’s pastimes and listening to divine rhymes becomes pure), our speech (singing the praise of GOD becomes pure). This is an eternal rule.

There is no other simpler and easier way to get purified than this. We can only talk about the second option only if one exist. There is no other option of purification. By no other means can our hand, our eyes, our mind, our ears and our speech can get purified.

Now see the compassion of GOD that He had kept this simple and easily available option of purification in reach of all. By five analyses, we can see the compassion of GOD.

Firstly, the option of purification is available equally to all, be it a king or a poor or a disabled or a person deformed by leprosy. All can divert their senses towards GOD and seek purification. Race, post, religion and sex is no barrier. Everyone can seek purification equally.

Secondly, this option of purification is available at all times, be it day or night or evening time or early morning. Anyone at any time can divert their senses towards GOD and lead it to purification. Whenever we have time we are free to utilize it for purification of our senses.

Thirdly, this option of purification is available in all situations be it the moment of happiness or be it a moment of grief or pain. Anyone at any time, in any situation can divert his senses towards GOD for purification. In all circumstances, he is free to do it.

Fourthly, this option of purification is available equally at all places, be it inside the house or outside the house or on mountain or in the desert. Anyone at any place can divert his senses towards GOD for purification. There is no bar of any place that this can only happen in a temple or pilgrimage. We can do so by sitting in a cemetery.

Fifthly, this option of purification is available in all ages be it Satyug or Tretayug or Dwaparyug or Kaliyug (present era). In all ages, we can divert our senses towards GOD for its purification. For doing so, Satyug is better and Kalyug is not – it is not so. In all ages the result is the same.

After seeing the five compassion of GOD we must now analysis what is expected from the soul. We only have to live in the company of GOD and make all our bodily parts (most important is mind) and all our senses to stay in company of GOD.

The work of eyes is to see. It will not stop viewing. If we shut our eyes it will retaliate. It must have the freedom to view. We must make it view GOD. By doing so slowly it will learn the art to see GOD and will develop an attraction for GOD. The eyes will increase it time of viewing GOD and by doing so it will become purified. If this happens the eyes would not like to view other bad things. A lively example to engage the eyes in GOD is that of Gopijan. The Gopijan used to view GOD while He went and came back from the forest to feed the cattle. They used to blame the eyelids and the maker of eyelids for it came in between them and the LORD for a fraction of a second. The Gopijan wanted that the eyes should not have the eyelids or if it had one it should not fall. They got so much inclined to view GOD that their eyelid became an obstacle.

Similarly the ears must be used to listen to GOD’s pastimes and in listening to divine rhymes so that slowly it will recall itself from listening to useless worldly talks. There is a story of King Prathu in ShriMad Bhagawat Mahapuran who sought 10000 ears from GOD so that he can hear GOD’s pastimes and tales. The king got the fascination to hear GOD’s pastimes more and more and therefore he was not satisfied with two ears and demanded 1000 ears.

If we lead our speech to talk about GOD, and to engage it in singing divine rhymes and to spell GOD’s name it will become so purified that it will by itself stop speaking false and bitter words. There had been many saints who without speaking about GOD in a discourse (speaking about GOD and thus making their speech purified) did not consume meals. First speak about GOD and then the intake of food was there daily rule

Similarly, the hands must be engaged in GOD’s service, the feet must be engaged in visiting temples and pilgrimage and thus they must be purified.

For purification the only requirement is that without posing and without show off we must make a genuine effort to divert all our senses towards GOD. Like the pot holding Ganga water is always pure due to keeping Ganga water (it will not be so by keeping ordinary water) similarly by genuine efforts only, all our senses and our mind will become purified else even if we waste all our life nothing will happen.

Two things happen if we draw all our senses towards GOD- noble deeds occur and evil deeds at kept at bay. For example, if we engage our mind in GOD it will stay away from useless and worldly things.

An eternal principle is that the eyes will not stop viewing. Show the eyes, show it amply but show it the attractive sight of GOD. If we engage the eyes on the extraordinary look of GOD it will not go anywhere to see any other thing.

So engage all the senses in GOD and then it will not run elsewhere.

English Translation vetted by Sheelnidhi Gupta

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