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Written with divine inspiration by ChandraShekhar Karwa

SYNOPSIS: To progress on the path of the LORD must be the aim of human life. The earlier it is accomplished the better. When we progress towards GOD, He also progresses towards us and the individual soul unified with the universal soul. READ FULL ARTICLE BELOW -

There is a lot of distance between the soul and GOD. When this distance is met the GOD and the creature unifies, the soul and the LORD meets and the individual soul unites with the universal soul.

We have got this human life to cover this distance. The whole purpose of human life is the unification of individual soul with the universal soul.

If we march one step towards GOD, He takes ten steps towards us. This is a sure principle and we must have full faith in it.

In our life span of 80 years, if we march one step i.e, in a year we progress 365 steps towards GOD, He comes 3650 steps closer to us. Therefore, since childhood the younger ones must be taught to progress towards GOD. It is the responsibility of father and mother that they teach their children to progress on the path of GOD. If we do so the father’s and mother’s debt is created on the children. If we have just given our children education and have taught them worldly ways or that trained them for business we have not created the mother’s and father’s debt. Because we have not shown the children the way for their upliftment, what has to be done for it we have not taught. But if since childhood we have taught them to progress one step towards GOD, we have encouraged them to move on the GOD’s path.

If we have got the inspiration to progress on GOD’s path at the age of 30, we have to take two steps daily towards GOD. This is because we have till now not made any progress towards GOD. Therefore, instead of one we have to progress two steps. In other words, it means we must bring intensity in devotion. If we do so, GOD will progress 20 steps towards us. In other words GOD will also intensely progress towards us.

If we have wasted 50 years of our life and have not understood this fact, we have to progress 3 steps daily towards GOD. It means we have to bring more intensity in devotion. Then GOD will progress 30 steps towards us which means that GOD will also take faster steps towards us.

In all three categories in which we fall, we must act accordingly and progress towards GOD. If it is young age one step towards GOD, if it is middle age two steps towards GOD and if it is older age three steps towards GOD. In other words it means that there should be more intensity in middle age than in younger age and the intensity in older age should be even more than in middle age.

The principle is that the less the time we have in life the more intensity we must bring in our devotion. This must be followed as a principle in life.

By doing so, we will find that before the end of our life we have reached very close to GOD and only a few steps remain between us and GOD. If due to old age, our body strength gets decreased than too GOD will take us in his leap which means that GOD will clear the remaining gap from His side in the last stages and the unification of individual soul with the universal soul will happen.

It is a principle that devotion never goes waste. The body, soul and wealth dedicated to GOD never go in vain. This is a divine principle because GOD is so kind and merciful that He takes the remaining steps from His side and does the welfare of a soul. The devotion done in the older age do not go waste and therefore the question does not arise of devotion done in middle age or in young age to go waste.

If we have practiced devotion sincerely and if something remains unfulfilled then too the kind and merciful LORD fulfills it from His side. If in the devotional path there remains some gap between the devotee and GOD, than too GOD fulfills it.

The last distance is always covered by GOD. Howsoever intense the devotion of a devotee is, then too it is not in the capability of the devotee to fulfill the last two finger gap. That two finger gap, one of GOD’s kindness and second of GOD’s mercy is always fulfilled by GOD. The lively example of this is in the Shri Krishna incarnation when Mother Yasoda tried to tie the LORD with a mortar. When mother Yasoda tried to tie to the LORD with the mortar, the LORD made all the ropes of the house insufficient. Mother Yasoda then tried to join all ropes of the house, but then that too fell two fingers short. The saints have done sweet interpretation that the two finger distance can only be fulfilled by the LORD. The devotee howsoever deep he may try will remain two fingers distant from the LORD. At last when GOD will want than only those two finger distance would be fulfilled. When mother Yasoda finally failed then the LORD by His own wish fulfilled those two fingers gap and got tied in the love trap.

The summary of this divine pageant is that the last distance is always fulfilled by the LORD, and then the unification of individual soul happens with the universal soul. It is clear from this fact that the soul has no power and no capability on his own to find oneness with GOD. It is only because of the kindness and mercy of GOD that the devotee finds GOD.

But the start has to be made by the devotee. The devotee has to take the resolution and progress on the devotional path. After practicing devotion in younger age, he has to bring intensity in middle age and more intensity in older age then he will reach closer to GOD. Then the left over distance will always be covered by GOD. Since beginning GOD helps the soul in his progress. With one step, GOD reciprocates with ten steps from His side.

Therefore, we must progress on the way that leads to GOD and the earlier it is started in life the better.

English Translation vetted by Sheelnidhi Gupta

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