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Written with divine inspiration by ChandraShekhar Karwa

SYNOPSIS: Between the attraction of the world and the attraction of GOD what we should choose, the article focuses on this topic. The attraction of the world traps us. The attraction of GOD liberates us. READ FULL ARTICLE BELOW -

The world is full of items of enjoyment. The illusion creates so many scenes in front of us that we cannot count.

But we should look to the worldly enjoyments as a thing which creates a difference between the soul and GOD. The worldly enjoyments are only a medium of creating distance between the soul and GOD.

We are all fragments of GOD, yet we are distant from Him. Why? Because the illusion traps us in worldly enjoyments and leads us away from GOD. The work of illusion is to distance us from GOD and illusion generally succeeds in its mission. Only a few fortunate survive the onslaught of illusion else all get trapped by illusion.

Illusion has created such a huge ocean of worldly enjoyments and we get trapped in its waves. As the waves smite the rocks likewise the waves of illusion smites the soul.

But a real devotee does not get trapped in the worldly enjoyments created by illusion. On the contrary, he perceives worldly enjoyments as nuisance.

The real devotee understands that all the worldly enjoyments are just a creation of the Creator (GOD). They are just the mere creation of the great Creator (GOD).

Two principles strongly fit in the heart of a devotee. Both these principles are great and unique principles. First principle which the devotee understands and imbibes with firmness is “No creation, never, can be bigger than the Creator (GOD) “. The second principle which he imbibes in his life is “Creation can never be more magnificent than the Creator (GOD).”

If both the principles fit in our life, then we can be free from the cycle of illusion. But these principles can only fit inside us by virtue of devotion. It is only the capability of devotion that it fits the true essence of both the principles inside us.

One by one when we analysis both the principles, we will understand how unique and unparalleled they are. By imbibing them our life becomes useful.

The first principle that “No creation, never, can be bigger than the Creator (GOD) “. It is a clear principle that no worldly creation can be bigger than the Creator (GOD). Like a great poetry can never be bigger than the poet, an invention of science can never be bigger than the scientist, likewise, no creation, never, can be bigger than the Creator (GOD). Once we understand this principle,we will not love the creation, but will instead start loving the Creator (GOD). We will not trap our self in the creation, but will start seeking the Creator (GOD). For instance, it will be a hilarious situation if we get so much engrossed in a painting that we take absolutely no notice of its painter who is standing just besides the painting. Because the same painter can paint many such paintings and even better paintings, but we get engaged in the painting so much that we forget the painter. If we had used our wisdom, we would have looked at the picture as a mere painting and would have loved and admired the painter more than his painting. Likewise by virtue of devotion when we are blessed with divine wisdom we do not get trapped in the creation, but would be able to visualize the Creator (GOD) behind it and our admiration and love will be for GOD and not for the creation which is only a small creation of the Creator.

Second principle, “Creation can never be more magnificent than the Creator (GOD).” It is also a clear principle which is established by virtue of devotion that the Creator (GOD) is ultimately magnificent. In Madhurastakam hymn GOD’s grandeur and magnificence is described that GOD’s divine organs, GOD’s behavior, GOD’s pastimes are so sweet and magnificent. We get trapped in the world’s magnificence. We get trapped in the magnificence of worldly enjoyments and in the magnificence of nature. But a devotee never visualizes the magnificence of anything above the magnificence of GOD. The eye which has seen GOD will never prefer the sight of anything else. This has not happened not just with one, but with umpteen devotees. Sri Gopijan (Devotees of Lord Krishna) cursed the creator of eyelids that why it was created. Because the eyelids comes in between them and GOD and hides the magnificent sight of GOD for a split second.

Creation only fascinates the idiots and they get trapped in it and waste their precious human life. But devotee is not influenced by creation, but he is influenced by the Creator (GOD). By keeping our self attached with GOD, we undo the misfortunes of this life, the misfortunes accumulated in past many lives and the misfortune of lives to come.

Therefore, we must imbibe these two principles with firmness in our life that no creation is bigger than GOD and no creation is more magnificent than GOD. By considering GOD as supremely great and as supremely magnificent, we develop a loving devotion inside us for GOD. The soul then has no attraction apart from GOD.

The attraction of the world traps us. The attraction of GOD liberates us. The attraction of the world leads to our downfall, the attraction of GOD brings upliftment. The attraction of the world will lead us to illusion, the attraction of GOD will lead us to salvation. The attraction of the world will make our life unsuccessful, the attraction of GOD will make our life successful.

We have to choose between the two. GOD had given us the freedom that we can choose any amongst the two.

By virtue of devotion if both the principles fit in us, our selection would be right and profitable for us.

English Translation vetted by Sheelnidhi Gupta

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