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Written with divine inspiration by ChandraShekhar Karwa

SYNOPSIS: We should always try to earn GOD’s kindness in life. With it the impurities inside us remains suppressed and the purity is reflected in our nature. READ FULL ARTICLE BELOW -

If we are not able to generate GOD’s kindness in our life than impurities inside us will bring grief, pain and anguish.

When we earn GOD’s kindness with devotion and love towards GOD the impurities inside us remain at bay. All persons have purity and impurities inside them. With GOD’s kindness the purity will reflect and the impurities will stay quiet. If we do not generate GOD’s kindness the impurities will reflect and the purity will stay quiet.

Just see an example of how impurities will trouble us if we do not earn GOD’s kindness. For example, our neighbour purchased a new 25 lakh car and it starts having its effect on us. We also have a 2 lakh car by which our daily necessity is fulfilled. But now jealousy creeps inside us and we are tempted to purchase a better car than our neighbour. Then we will try by all means and will earn illegally to fulfill our desire. If we succeed, then also we will get pain but we have illegally earned. Illness, depression, downfall are all shadows of illegality. If we fail to purchase the car then too we will get pain due to our desire remaining unfulfilled.

See the effect of impurity that we get pain when our neighbour has purchased a new car. No one has given us pain, but it was the effect of impurity which was inside us.

This is just like that when a person overtakes us in a highway by speeding in his car. We instantly take the challenge. Till now we were driving cautiously at 60-70 speed, but we took the challenge and accelerated our speed to 100-110. Our aim now is to overtake the speeding car. We lose caution and accident happens. Without reason we drove speedily and therefore had met with an accident. We were driving cautiously at 60-70 when impurity inside us took the front seat and we accelerated and had accident. No one ordered us to accelerate but it was impurity inside us that lead us to take the challenge and therefore we did so.

Likewise, in life too we lose satisfaction and take the illegal path which leads to our downfall.

Now see how GOD’s kindness works in this episode. When GOD’s kindness is with us, we are not tempted by the speeding car and we maintain our steady speed. We feel that because of young blood driving the speeding car or because of some urgency that speeding car has gone past us. We feel that that the other person wants to reach his destination fast so we allow him to go past us. If we see that car meeting an accident ahead, then too we feel the gratitude of GOD and feel that GOD had saved us. Had we taken the challenge we too would have met the same fate.

If GOD’s kindness is with us then the new car of the neighbour will have no effect on us. We will feel that a car’s work is to cover the distance and take us from one place to another. Therefore, my 2 lakh car and my neighbour’s 25 lakh car are both equal to the task. Both make us travel to a destination. The neighbour’s car worth 25 lakh has many luxuries. But we will feel that it is not good to go after luxuries as in our last travel (Funeral) we will have to travel on wood without any luxuries.

With GOD’s kindness we feel cherished as we see the rise of someone else. We don’t feel the jealousy. We must try to find how much GOD’s kindness we have earned by taking this self- examination.

If we are happy with our neighbour’s or opponent’s wealth we must assume that we have succeeded in earning GOD’s kindness. If we are filled with jealousy and hatred and undertake the challenge we must accept that we are yet to earn GOD’s kindness in our life.

Satisfaction is a great blessing of GOD. In all wealth, satisfaction wealth is considered to be the greatest. With satisfaction our desire gets burnt. Then our prayer, devotion and GOD service becomes devoid of any wish. This is the true height of human life that we don’t seek anything from GOD, we seek GOD from GOD.

Goswami Tulsidasji has written an immortal hymn in Holy Shri RamcharitManas which says- All seeks wealth and no one seek GOD, If we seek GOD wealth will come automatically with GOD.

Material wealth must not be mistaken here- it is not what the hymn means. If we have real devotion, then only we can understand the true meaning of the hymn. If only we seek GOD and GOD alone, we will get GOD and will also get wealth. What wealth? Material wealth- no (it is just equal to soil in the eyes of GOD). We will get as much soil as it is required for survival but we will get four unparallel / distinguished wealth (1) Wealth of purity (2) Wealth of devotion (3) Wealth of eternal ecstasy and (4) Wealth of salvation.

Therefore, we should never miss the opportunity to earn GOD’s kindness. We must always be eager to earn GOD’s kindness because our life will only be successful if we have GOD kindness besides us.

English Translation vetted by Sheelnidhi Gupta

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