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Written with divine inspiration by ChandraShekhar Karwa

SYNOPSIS: GOD is one and all creatures as equal in the court of GOD. GOD keeps focus on each and every creature and showers equal kindness on them. READ FULL ARTICLE BELOW -

Son of Lesser GOD (son of smaller GOD) and Lesser Son of GOD (less important son of GOD) both terms are meaningless. When we interpret both, we will find that they are far from the truth.

First phrase, Son of Lesser GOD (son of smaller GOD) is meaningless because GOD is one in all his forms. He is the one and powerful, one Almighty, who is known and called by different names. GOD is not two, therefore there is no question of a bigger GOD and a smaller GOD. In all religion one GOD is seen in different roles. There are different models and ways to pray. But all prayers reach the same GOD. GOD of one religion is not smaller or bigger to GOD of other religion because basically He is one. One with different name and shapes. Therefore, because of different name and shape, He cannot be bigger or smaller than the other.

Second phrase, Lesser Son of GOD (less important son of GOD) is also meaningless. No creature finds more or less importance at GOD’s place. Human in all color, shape, sect and gender find the same importance at the doorstep of GOD. Not only humans but also aquatic, terrestrial and subaerial are children of GOD and the Almighty has equal eyes and shower equal kindness on all. One insect and world’s richest person have equal importance with GOD because both are children of GOD.

We must understand what is the difference between an insect and world’s richest person – it is the Karam Phal (fruit of deeds). One became insect due to previous birth’s deeds and the second became the world’s richest person because of previous birth’s deeds. It is due to this Karam Phal that we are different else we are all equal children of GOD.

The first principle is that GOD is one. In all religion it is vigorously endorsed that GOD is one and not many. One with many names. Therefore, it has no relevance that we reach GOD through any road of any religion. Since GOD is one, it is a mockery to consider God, of one religion to be bigger or smaller than GOD of another religion. But we make this mistake and consider our GOD and our religion to be bigger than that of other. With this the respect for another religion and its GOD decreases in our eyes. It is utterly wrong because He is not the GOD of someone else, He is in fact our own GOD. It is emphasized in all religion that GOD is one still we don’t understand and accept it. Considering the GOD of another religion to be smaller is equal to the offense of considering our own GOD to be smaller. But we commit this offense and because of it one person of a particular religion does not offer respect in the place of worship of a second religion. Because that person believes that GOD residing in that place of worship is different and therefore he prohibits himself to pray there. If only he can visualize GOD to be one in all places of worship then he will have no difficulty to pray in a temple, mosque, gurudwara or a church. When he will walk across any place of worship his head would automatically bow in prayer.

The second principle that no one is less important children of GOD. All children of GOD are equal in the eyes of GOD. Be it aquatic, subaerial, terrestrial or flora, GOD hears the cry of each and every creature and send help to all in difficult times. GOD fills the stomach of each and every creature. All children of GOD are equal in the eyes of GOD even if they find birth in different species and the tribe. There is a difference between all children due to past deeds despite being equal. But their importance is not reduced and they do not become Lesser son of GOD or Important son of GOD- their importance stand equal in the eyes of GOD.

After discussing both principles, let us discuss a deed which makes us dear to GOD. What deed is that which makes us dear to GOD – fulfilling our duty we must love only GOD and offer our body, soul and wealth to Him and undertake sincere devotion in order to be dear to GOD.

All are equally important in the eyes of GOD but we become dear to Him due to devotion. Like a father has four children and all are equal to him, but one with a good character becomes dear to the father likewise the devotee child becomes dear amongst all children of GOD.

Devotion changes our viewpoint and we are able to see one GOD everywhere and our head bows in worship. We see one GOD and we see all children of GOD to be equal. Therefore brotherhood develops within us and we find dearness to all sect, spices and tribe.

Devotion fits both principles within us. Firstly, we do not see a bigger or smaller GOD, we see one GOD in different forms. Secondly, we do not view a creature to be big or small - we view them equal because due to devotion we are able to see the same GOD within everyone.

If both these principles fit in our life, the roadmap of our life changes. Life becomes cheerful. The distress in life ends. But this can only happen when we can sow the seeds of devotion in our life.

English Translation vetted by Sheelnidhi Gupta

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