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Written with divine inspiration by ChandraShekhar Karwa

SYNOPSIS: Due to devotion, GOD unfolds Himself in front of us in a small shape but we must not forget His splendor, divinity, grandness and grandeur. READ FULL ARTICLE BELOW -

GOD showed His grand image to Sri Arjun ji in the battlefield of Kurukshetra. In that grand image of GOD, Sri Arjun ji saw millions and millions of universes in GOD’s pore. We only read this in Srimad Bhagwat Geeta ji and forget. But we do not go deep into it to experience the grandeur of GOD.

We must go deeper into this fact to experience the grandeur of GOD. How tiny are the holes of the pores. In GOD’s each pore there lies millions and millions of universes. The universe which we see consists of Mother Earth, planets, heavenly bodies, constellation, the Sun and The Moon. Such millions and millions of universes are hidden in GOD’s single pore. The grandness of the GOD’s grandeur is such that our imaginary power cannot go beyond it.

We must understand that human is so small, so tiny when compared with GOD’s grandeur. We have built few cities with big buildings, but GOD has built millions and millions of universes. We have built cities in few square kilometers, but GOD had build millions and millions of universes within a singular pore.

Sri Arjunji had viewed so many planets in GOD’s grand image that till today we are not able to explore them. We do not know where they lie, how many of them are there and how big are they.

So many universes and so many planets lie within one pore of Almighty GOD, if we are able to realize this we would be able to visualize the grandeur of GOD. Our imaginary power is not so big that it can experience the slightest grandeur of GOD. Still, whatever our imaginary power is, if we try to visualize the grandeur of GOD with it we are extremely mesmerized.

Once we experience the grandeur of GOD, we are able to realize our paucity. On strength of science, we have considered ourself to be big and capable. Once we realize the grandeur of GOD we immediately dispose of our false arrogance. Whatsoever capabilities, we generate in generations to come, still our capacity would be too insufficient to realize even a small part of the grandeur of GOD.

GOD gave special divine eyes to Sri Arjunji to view His grand image. GOD said that His grand image is also not complete because no one can view or understand His great grand divine image.

The great grand divine image was not shown by GOD, still Sri Arjunji got frightened by seeing the small divine image. He prayed that he was incapable to view the light and grandeur of GOD, despite the special divine eyes granted to him. Therefore, at last he requested GOD to come back in the soft and sweet image to which he was accustomed.

See the mercy of GOD who has such grandeur that He becomes dear to us due to a request of a devotee or a capitulator. GOD is the height of grandeur, but still He takes so small image and comes so close to us that no one else can be such closer.

When we realize that GOD with such grandeur can come so close due to devotion we are able to realize the merit of devotion. GOD’s grandeur is so great and our tininess is so tiny, still we become one only due to devotion.

Due to devotion, GOD with such grand image and full of grandeur becomes LadduGopal (an incarnation where GOD becomes a newborn and the devotee treats Him like a son). GOD is our Godfather, but for the devotees, He takes the form of a son and comes in form of LadduGopal. See the magnificence of devotion, that GOD who shelters, millions and millions of universes in His pores becomes a small LadduGopal and settles in our heart.

It is only due to devotion that we love GOD having such grandness and grandeur. We make Him take a bath, we offer Him clothes to dress, we decorate Him, we offer food to Him and we make Him sleep. We are able to accommodate GOD with such grandness and grandeur as per our wishes. When we love GOD we make Him do what we want.

When we worship GOD in our heart and temple we must have devotion. At the same time we must have the realization that only due to splendid “devotion” we have become so fortunate to be able to serve GOD who has such grandness and grandeur.

We must always remember the splendor, divinity, grandness and grandeur of GOD at all times. This will imbibe intensity in devotion because we would realize that only due to it GOD with such splendor, divinity, grandness and grandeur have become ours. It is only devotion which gives us the privilege to love and serve GOD.

If there were no devotion, such grand GOD would not have taken such small shape and come to bless us. Could we bath the grand GOD, could we offer dress to the grand GOD, could we decorate the grand GOD, could we offer food to the grand GOD – it was not at all possible but it was made possible only due to devotion

We see GOD in small form in the temple, but a real devotee is he who views the small image of GOD, but at the same time remembers the grandness of GOD. We must keep track of GOD’s splendor, divinity, grandness and grandeur. We must not forget the grandeur of GOD. We must not forget the capability of GOD, We must not forget the splendor of GOD. We must not forget the divinity of GOD neither should be forget the grandness of GOD.

English Translation vetted by Sheelnidhi Gupta

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