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Written with divine inspiration by ChandraShekhar Karwa

SYNOPSIS: Almighty Father standing behind a creature provides him with a lot of solace. By surrendering to GOD through devotion, one can obtain salvation. READ FULL ARTICLE BELOW -

Just imagine what will happen if Almighty GOD does not stand behind us. Who will undo our misfortune and help us in distress. GOD alone can undo our misfortune and help us in distress. There is lot strength in this belief. Just imagine how big this strength is.

If GOD was not there, no one could undo our misfortune or help us in distress. If it were so, how difficult that situation would be. This situation is just like that when a patient discovers that he has a life risking disease and there is no treatment possible for it. Firstly, it is a life risking disease and secondly no treatment is possible - how aggrieved the patient would become. Likewise, if Almighty GOD does not stand behind us, we will be aggrieved with our misfortune and distress.

Because only GOD gives us strength to overcome our misfortune and distress. GOD gives us the strength to fight it and He only gives us the opportunity to free ourselves from it.

We are burdened with the sins accumulated in previous births. This is the reason of our misfortune. If we come to know that due to this sin, we have to face the sufferings of hell and have to take rebirth in different bodies in this world and there is no escape from it how aggrieved we will become. But when we know that Almighty GOD is there with the power to destroy our sins of many births, how relaxed we become.

Without GOD how aggrieved we were. With GOD how relaxed we become. Because the capability is GOD is immense. Only GOD has the capability to destroy our sins accumulated over many births.

We cannot accumulate that many sins in many lives which GOD can destroy in a split second. Like a Godown of cotton wool can be destroyed by a single spark of fire which will burn the cotton wool from one end to the other, likewise howsoever big the mountain of sins are, single mercy of GOD can destroy it completely.

There is a provision to go to hell for the sin committed. There are different types of hell and different types of suffering in it. If GOD mercy was not available, there would be no escape from hell and sufferings therein. With the description of hell that we here in Shri Garudpuran ji (A Holy Text) we are terrorized. If we were to really go and undertake the suffering of hell, how fearful the situation will be. But GOD is there to free us from the miseries of hell. When we realize this the fearful situation becomes fearless. Sri YamRaj ji (the Lord of Hell) conveys to His messengers that with GOD’s mercy on creatures the suffering of hell is nullified. Such creatures do not have to come to hell.

If GOD’s mercy was not forthcoming, we would be engaged in the cycle of birth and rebirth. Due to our deeds, we would have to take birth and rebirths. How grievous the situation would be. But GOD provides us the way to free ourselves from this cycle of birth and rebirths. Only GOD provides us with this option of salvation.

Only GOD removes our misfortune and distress. Only GOD decays our sins accumulated in many births. Only GOD frees us from the sufferings of hell and only He frees us from the cycle of birth and rebirths. Only GOD can do all this and what is the means for it. How will it happen. Is there different means for it. No. There is only one means – devotion.

Devotion is the only means which make GOD shower His mercy. GOD becomes impatient to uplift the devotee due to his devotion.

Devotion removes our misfortune and distress. Devotion leads to fortune from misfortune. See the example of devotee Prahlad ji and Holika. Holika got a boon that if she wears a cloth covering and sits in fire she will not burn. She sat on a fire bed wearing the cloth covering and making Sri Prahlad ji sit on her lap. She thought that she would be all right and Sri Prahlad ji will burn to death. Due to the wish of GOD wind blew and the cloth covering of Holika was blown off. Holika was burnt to death but without any covering and without any boon Sri Prahlad ji was saved. When his friends asked him how he escaped the heat of fire, Sri Prahlad ji said that the fire gave him such coolness which he cannot describe. How coolness from fire is possible. But it was devotion that made this possible. For His devotee, GOD made the fire cold.

Devotion makes GOD decay our sins accumulated in many births. Not just that, devotion stops us from committing new sins. A devotee’s heart will never indulge in sin. Devotion saves him from committing sins.

Devotion frees us from hell. How? Hell is made for sins. But when devotion decays the sins, the devotee does not have to go to hell. Because when there is no sins left, why will he go to hell.

Devotion frees us from the cycle of birth and rebirths. The cycle of taking birth and death stops for a devotee.

Almighty GOD is behind us – there is so much strength in this belief. With devotion Almighty GOD showers His mercy – there is so much strength behind this principle.

Therefore, with devotion we must surrender to GOD without any delay. This is the only means to make human life successful.

English Translation vetted by Sheelnidhi Gupta

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