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Written with divine inspiration by ChandraShekhar Karwa

SYNOPSIS: After taking human birth, we waste most of our life in worldliness and thus fail to fulfill the purpose of human life. The gain from worldliness is too small when compared with the gain from devotion. READ FULL ARTICLE BELOW -

GOD is one and the same even in different roles. But the people of the world are different. Therefore, we can fulfill our relationship with one GOD. But how can we fulfill the relationship with this big world ?

Firstly, the world sees our flaw and errors and therefore our relationship with the world becomes strong and weak at times. But GOD does not see our flaws and errors and therefore the devotion of the devotee continues to flourish.

For example, the relationships of the world do not remain stable. It becomes strong and weak at times. If someone likes us today it is not necessary that he will like us tomorrow. Today’s friends may turn opponent tomorrow. Who is praised today will be cursed tomorrow. It is not possible to upkeep the stability of relations in this world. We do not know who will become unhappy with us by any of our actions. If we please one, the other is displeased. To keep harmony with all every time is quite impossible.

Even if we assume that if we are able to keep harmony with all, we will get praise from all. We will generate arrogance due to it which will lead to our downfall. By keeping harmony with all we will at best be able to fetch 2000-3000 peoples in our funeral. People may praise us in 12 days after death. Then they will forget us. Then the people will remember us once in a week, then once in months and then once or twice in a year. After passage of one or two generations, we will be fortunate if they remember us during Shraddha Paksha (Memorial practice). Just think how much do we know about our grandfather’s grandfather.

Even if we devote half the time to GOD that we devote to this world, we will see that our devotion will progress. GOD does not see our flaws and errors, He just nullifies it. With devotion we become purified and our heart, action and speech are refined. Our sins and wrongs are destroyed and we become pure. A pure heart is able to unite with Almighty GOD. The devotee and devotion, both become immortal. Just ponder that we know more about Bhagwati Meerabai than our grandfather’s grandfather even though we have no relation with Bhagwati Meerabai or her family.

Secondly, GOD never breaks His relationship with us even if a devotee leaves devotion. The world will leave us for a small reason. Just see an example to testify both. There is a story of Sant Ajamil in SriMad Bhagawat Mahapuran. Ajamil was a very religious person. He had a good impression in the society. People used to praise him. Then he had his downfall. He hired prostitutes and started stealing and drinking and therefore the villagers disqualified him from the society and the village and he was forced to live far away from the village. He started living with the prostitutes away from the village. All left him upon his downfall. Those who were praising him till yesterday started hurling stones at him. The world does not hate our bad qualities, but starts hating the self. [GOD did not hate even Ravana. He punished Ravana for his wrongs, but did not have an ill feeling for him. In the end GOD gave him salvation because whosoever receives his end from GOD gets salvation since GOD has nothing less to offer. At the last breath of Ravana, GOD sends Shri Laxman ji to seek knowledge from Ravana and gave him the stature of a teacher. GOD gave such honor to Ravana.] Despite the wrongdoings of Ajamil during his last time, GOD freed him from YamPash due to GOD’s name uttered by him and gave him the devotion by which he was able to reach GOD’s dwellings. Ajamil has left GOD, he left devotion and was downtrodden, but still GOD did not leave him. GOD gave back his devotion and uplifted him and gave him that place what his opponents could not get. In this episode, we can clearly see the merit and demerits of devotion and worldliness. Sant Ajamil’s tale is a big example of the merits of devotion and demerits of worldliness.

Thirdly, GOD always favors a soul whereas the world never favors and even if it does it is negligible to what GOD favors. The story of Sant Ajamil is a testimony to it. Even if the world favors us it will not fortify our afterlife. GOD fortifies our present life and afterlife like He did for Sudamaji, GOD frees us from the cycle of rebirths as He did to Bhagwati Meerabai and GOD grants salvation to generations as He did for Kewat ji. The world cannot give us anything more than simple words of praise. Those words of praise are also self-destructive as it will lead to arrogance and will lead to our downfall.

In a nutshell, we must keep limited worldliness and concentrate fully on GOD. We spend so much time in worldliness that we are left with no time for GOD. The times spend on worldliness will at best give a few words of praise in lifetime and after death. Apart from this it cannot do us any good. But GOD’s devotion sails us through. The soul gets ultimate blessing due to devotion.

Therefore, we should give more and more time to GOD. We must only keep ordinary and limited worldliness. We should not have malignity for anyone, we should wish well for all – this is the best worldliness. We do not require anything more than this. If we do more than this it is just like a child who plays during his study time and then fails in his exams. We also spend our human life in worldliness and therefore fail in our life’s examination.

If we want to make our human life successful, we must spend more time, more energy, and more strength in GOD’s devotion. There is no option other than this. By doing our self’s duty we must devote our life in GOD’s devotion because this is the best way, this is also the essence of SriMad Bhagwat Geeta.

English Translation vetted by Sheelnidhi Gupta

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