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Written with divine inspiration by ChandraShekhar Karwa

SYNOPSIS: GOD is always ready to save us from divine ocean. We must prepare ourselves during our lifetime to save from the divine ocean by virtue of devotion. READ FULL ARTICLE BELOW -

We sail from the divine ocean when GOD sails us and we are drowned when GOD leaves us.

This illustration can be found in SriRamcharit Manas (Ramayana). When stones were hurled into the ocean to make a bridge, they drowned. Then the ardent devotee Sri Hanumanji wrote the name of Ram on the stones. Then they were hurled in the ocean and they sailed. What does this citation tell us ? When there was no GOD’s name the stones drowned and when there was GOD’s name inscribed on them they sailed contrary to their nature.

The same thing is true with humans. If we do not have the substance of GOD’s name we are sure to be drowned in the divine ocean and if we have the substance of GOD’s name we are sure to sail through the divine ocean (and be saved from drowning).

The stones are very hard and heavy. We humans are also very hard due to desire, anger, arrogance, greed and are very heavy due to the weight of deadly sins committed by us. We are sure to be drowned in the divine ocean. The only way to escape it is by following the way shown by LORD Hanumanji. The name of the LORD was written on the heavy stones. If we also write the LORD’s name in our heart we will also sail through the divine ocean just like the stones sailed during the making of the bridge.

It is impossible to curtail the hardness of desire, anger, arrogance and greed. To become light by repelling sins is also not possible. In Kaliyug (modern era) it is not possible at all. Howsoever noble life we lead still desire, anger, arrogance and greed will get the better of us. For example, if we lead a noble life (as very few may lead) we will have an arrogance for leading such a life. Likewise, it is also not possible to stay away from sins.

If we want to sail through the divine ocean, there are two means. The first means is to save ourselves from desire, anger, arrogance and greed and to alight us from sins. We should not be hard and heavy like stones, but be soft and light like a flower to sail through the divine ocean. To achieve this devotion is necessary because it is the only way to save us from the wrongs and sins. As the devotion grows towards GOD the wrongs settled in us disperse. Goodness overtakes the evil. Demerits are overtaken by merits. With the advent of devotion the sins subsides and the goodness increase within us. This is not possible by any other means apart from devotion. For attaining purity the biggest source is devotion which dispels the evils and saves the soul from committing sins.

The second means to sail from the divine ocean is to have desire, anger, arrogance and greed and also have sins and still write the LORD’s name inside us thereby saving us from drowning. There is supreme power in the LORD’s name and therefore it destroys the evils and sins within us. We cannot accumulate such quantity of evils and sins in our numerous life spans which cannot be destroyed by mere citation of the LORD’s name. The LORD’s name destroys the evil and sins of the past and saves us from generating new evils and sins. Thus, it purifies us in two ways- the old is cleaned and the new is not generated.

This is a citation which is not found in Sri RamCharit Manas but is found elsewhere. The saints have explained that during the time of foundation of the bridge the LORD saw that the stones were sailing with His name inscribed on it. The LORD went ahead and dropped a stone in the ocean by His own hand. It did not have the LORD’s name inscribed on it and it was dropped by the LORD and so it drowned. The LORD asked the reason for drowning to Sri Hanumanji. The ardent devotee Sri Hanumanji gave a fitting explanation to the episode by saying that – he who is dropped by the LORD is sure to drown.

GOD does not leave anybody. The unfortunate human leaves the hand of the LORD and forgets the LORD. What a rightful explanation that whosoever forgets the LORD is sure to drown.

The explanation is very clear that the stone dropped by the LORD is sure to drown and the stone inscribed with LORD’s name is sure to sail.

Sri Hanumanji is an ardent devotee of the LORD and with devotion He inscribed the LORD’s name on the stones. What is the message of this pastime. The meaning of the pastime is that Sri Hanumanji reminds us to write the name of the LORD in our heart with devotion. By doing so we will satisfy our human life and will surely sail through in the divine ocean.

But see the misfortune of human that we have filled our heart with useless things, we have soiled it and hardened it so much that it is not fit for the LORD to reside. To cleanse and to purify it, devotion is the only means. After purification by devotion, the LORD is sure to reside therein.

It is a curse that after receiving human life, we have shackled ourselves with evils and are burdened with sins. We have made all provisions for drowning in the divine ocean. Even so we don’t care for it and merrily live our life. This merriness is just like the merriness of alcohol . Alcohol spoils our health to a great extend and still we are unaware of it and we merrily keep enjoying it. Likewise the evils and sins hamper us to a great extend and still we are unaware of it and merrily enjoy it.

It is earnestly solicited that in this human life without any delay with devotion we must dispel our evil and sins and inscribe LORD’s name in our heart to sail peacefully in the divine ocean so that we do not have to repent in our end.

English Translation vetted by Sheelnidhi Gupta

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