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Written with divine inspiration by ChandraShekhar Karwa

SYNOPSIS: The unfavorable time in life is a great opportunity to reach closer to GOD. If we experience unfavorable time in life, we must accept it as GOD’s gift and seek Godliness. READ FULL ARTICLE BELOW -

That period of life is blessed when the unfavorable time makes us realize how small, incomplete and insufficient our strength, intelligence and power is.

The unfavorable time makes a poor realize that he is not even capable of leading an ordinary life by his own merit. The unfavorable health of a rich make him realize that he cannot even buy a breath with all the wealth accumulated in his lifetime.

In front of an ICU of a hospital even an impious surrender to GOD because his ability is exposed and his wealth, intelligence and strength are of no use. Now there is no way left for him other than to seek GOD.

When we lose faith in our wealth, intelligence and strength we immediately develop faith in GOD’s power and strength. Let us take an example of a child who despite our best efforts is on edge of succumbing and then after humble prayer to GOD he survives and makes us believe in the mercy of GOD. As the saying goes, salute to the miracles.

In mythological tales, Bhagawati Kunti ji (mother of Pandavas) was one who felt honored with unfavorable times. The Pandavas had to wander here and there, despite having the power of religion (Yudhisthir ji), power of strength (Bhim ji) and power of weapons (Arjun ji). In the unfavorable time Bhagawati Kunti ji realized that the capability of Yudhisthir ji (who was known as DharmRaj or the follower of religion), Bhim ji (who had the strength equivalent to 1000 elephants) and Arjun ji (who was a best armored warrior of that time) was nothing. Yudhisthir ji the follower of religion lost in gambling. The apostle of strength Bhim ji and the best warrior Arjun ji sat with their head down while Bhagawati Draupdi was humiliated. In that hour of distress, the only and only hope of Bhagawati Kunti and Bhagwati Draupdi was GOD and GOD alone.

During the time of humiliation Bhagawati Draupdi sought the help of Dhritrastra who was like a father-in law. She sought the help of fatherly figure Bhishma, the teacher Droun, uncle Vidur and all honorable members of the king’s court alongwith her five husbands. Being humiliated despite her five husbands, which included Yudhisthir ji the follower of a religion, Bhim ji the apostle of strength and Arjun ji the best warrior, Bhagawati Draupdi still had faith in her own strength. She caught hold of her saree (an Indian outfit for women) with both her hands. The saints have greatly interpreted the episode and said that the Goddess asked the LORD why He was not going to save the grace of Draupdi. The LORD replied that she still had faith in her strength. But when Bhagwati Draupdi saw the incompetence of her strength, and when she realized that she would not be able to hold her saree, she lifted both her hands and sought the LORD. The Almighty became the saree and surrounded the body of His devotee and saved her from the shame. Then the phrase - the saree is GOD or the GOD is saree became popular.

Bhagawati Kunti ji knew that the unfavorable time is a blessed time and therefore she sought unfavorable period when the LORD asked her for a boon. Because in distress, whenever we humbly seek GOD, He comes to our rescue.

After the mythological example, let us take a modern example, when in a Hospital our 5 years old son, the only one in the family is about to succumb. The doctors lose hope for survival. The big hospitals and the costly treatment all fail. Even going abroad for treatment results in a failure. The well-off family who had spent money like water on the treatment now feels incapable of its wealth, power and strength. Then a devotee asks them to surrender to GOD. In the unfavorable time the grandfather and grandmother, the father and mother all seek the shelter of GOD. Me and my strength takes a backseat and GOD and GOD mercy takes the front seat. That period is blessed which makes us realize our incapability. Our reach, the reach of science are all exposed. And then GOD hears our humble prayer and the boy gets a new life. The doctors say it is a miracle.

When we see such miracles, our life takes a turn towards GOD and we start working for the cause of GOD and we surrender all our work to GOD. Because we start believing in the power of GOD. We start working for the cause of GOD. Life becomes Godly. Then happiness and elated ecstasy dance in our life.

The life of Pandavas is a great example of a Godly life. After winning the battle of Mahabharata the Pandavas always sought the companionship of the LORD, and did became successful in attaining it.

If we want to make our life Godly, we must not shy away from unfavorable times. This is the time which blesses our lives and embosses our heart, intelligence and wisdom with the stamp of GOD.

If we do not have devotional power, the good times lead us away from GOD. Whereas the unfavorable times, always brings us closer to Almighty GOD and also brings devotion along with it.

So many immortal devotees became devotees only due to unfavorable time in their life. Therefore, whenever unfavorable times come in our life we must accept it as GOD’s gift which will lead us closer to GOD and will develop devotion in us. When this happens our human life blossoms.

English Translation vetted by Sheelnidhi Gupta

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